Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do you believe the article in the Forward about the breakdown of NY Jews by religious affiliation.

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Sadly I think overall are birth rates are below replacement value and that is sad and articles like this to give false hope is only to keep women distracted from getting married and helping our people grow since they falsely think everything is great.

So, honestly, I don't believe this article. A few days before I had seen an article in the World Encylopedia 2012 and this year there were numbers (another addition Orthodox numbers were not revealed). On page 699 is said 10% of Jews consider themselves Orthodox. That is 600,000. I haven't noticed big voting changes either as most Jews do vote Democrat and for my own disclosure I voted Democrat myself until the 2004 election. I voted for Gore-Lieberman sad to say in 2000. I grew up Orthodox. Some Jews are very upset with Obama. To make it more then anything else is just silly. There was no difference in voting in 2004. Many are upset with Obama including liberals and that is it. The forward is hostile to the Jewish bible so what is their agenda? I will discuss later. here.

Jewish birth rates (like many others) is very unevenly distributed which has been a problem now for many generations. See my article on the Sound of Music which I do thing birth rates are very unevenly distributed for the same families like in the case of their family. Not like a bell curve. See it all the time sadly and it is not good that some are either at one extreme or the other and fewer are in the middle.

This uneven distribution can be manipulated to push what you want. For example it may be there are 3.5 children for those that are married but as the religious have said there is a single crisis and if 40% are unmarried or those who have no children are not counted you have very dishonest results.

Why would the forward be publishing this? They deep down hate the ideas in the bible. They believe in so called gay rights and so called women's rights. From my own experience where I live I see that the Rabbis do work with liberal Jewish and well funded groups for easy divorce and other liberal causes and in return they give special rights to some of the religious as they prefer the male Orthodox Rabbinate then other groups to promote their liberal causes which Rabbis do support. It is the Orthodox Rabbis that support much abuse towards Jewish men not part of their clique and/or not wealthy and that is exactly what the forward supports. The feminist agenda's of the forward is obvious.

I think the forward is very happy with Orthodox Rabbis undermining the family and especially the father and are willing to push their propaganda. They like the fact that in Hasidic households men can't work. So they are exaggerating their numbers. I can't think this is being done for good reason and to be honest Jews are facing overall low birth rates and this kind of false security is terrible when the situation is not good.

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