Friday, June 22, 2012

Debbie Schlussel not a big deal of loss of solders life during the Yom Kippur war under Golda Meir

Sadly Debbie who  her father was in the military during vietnam  (which she uses as a selling point which most men didn’t have a choice although some deferred)  and not in sports yet she doesn’t seem to care about the men who died in the Yom Kippur war due to Golda Meir incompetence and cowardliness. This is what Ms. Schlussel has to say on Golda Meir on an article about men in America being emasculated (which for Jewish men somehow that is ok) . Debbie doesn’t believe for Jews the father is important. She supports the Rabbis position that only the mother matters. For others she believes it is important not Jews. I guess Jewish men are just to fight endless wars  with Islam and if they die big deal. That is her attitude here.

She has never been married and this spinster is not bothered at all by the fact or have any anger to the religious world that they couldn't find a Jewish man for her. I am not married and I can't respect the religious because only if you fit certain agendas do they help you. So she does nothing to help her own people other then defending show men Jews which is not what is going to keep us going. 

From her link.

“Matriarchies never last. Even when Golda Meir ran Israel, it was the men who were the generals and ran its wars and Mossad operations. And she was done raising her kids. Her husband wasn’t Mr. Mom.

So Debbie clearly feels Golda Meir was a fine PM. That Jews died in the surprise Yom Kipper war which in that war more men Jewish solders died in those first 2 days then other war no problem to Debbie. It was the general’s fault.  Of course. It is sick and cowardly what Debbie is doing as it shows her double standard when it comes to Jewish leaders while being more concerned with leaders in the United States and Britain. 
As she criticized Thatcher and to think Meir was a good PM as she is saying here which she was not a good PM at all. After all Sarah Palin also loved men in sports. She loves to scream antisemitism but she herself doesn't really care about her own people through her behavior in most of her life and anytime a Jewish men that is not famous does not hate Islam enough for her she is not a real Jew and she will unfriend you just for that which she did to me at a time that started to make me realize how sick and twisted she is. . She is just using Jewish men. This is exactly what Jew haters do is just use Jews for their causes if they don't agree they aren't real people. Same view Debbie has of Jewish men. 

I guess the reason Debbie thinks Meir was ok is because she did hunt those who murdered Jewish athletes during the Olympics. But this makes her as someone who only defends the famous. That is not noble at all. And it makes Debbie only like Jews who are show men for her own causes. That is disgusting. You see the article before dealt with the Olympic murder. I agree they should be brought to justice but please care about the non-famous Jewish men Debbie. This Yom Kippur war even though we did come back was a disaster for Israel’s reputation and Egypt celebrates this war to this day.  Yet Debbie sees Golda Meir as a fine PM because she cared about Jewish athletes. Never mind the important stuff. We need show Jewish men. They should be brought to justice but just like any other terrorist attack. Some are not more equal than others.

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