Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bloomberg signs sex traffic bill to fine cabs. What do you think?

From WOR Radio web stie.

I will admit that I am not a big fan of Bloomberg to share my own bias here but I have to say as someone who had worked in NYC just a few weeks ago this seems more about punishing the easiest target to look good rather then really doing anything about the problem.

To begin with the cabs always have these signs for "gentlemen clubs" with pictures of women dressed in a sexual way. And  the yellow cabs don't even have a choice if they don't want this on their cab.  
Mr. Bloomberg doesn't protect these poor men if they don't want to have these signs as they find it degrading to women and as a man makes them look like a sleaze as well.  Some cab drivers (as a woman isn't for a one night stand) don't want to promote this but have little choice.  Why doesn't Mr. Bloomberg if he cares so much not force these cabs to have these signs or better yet have the cab companies take them down. And this kind of imagery and promotion of course is part of what creates human trafficking. If you could get an underage girl that this will be all she knows how to do when she is an adult. If Bloomberg really cared maybe he should go after these kind of clubs that make NY look sleazy and creates the need for big bucks to try to get young girls. I am pretty sure Guliani tried to clean up some of the dirty elements (not just physical) of the city. Why not Bloomberg have the cabs take time these signs and advertise for something else that is more decent.

On one hand they make the cabs have these provocative advertisements and don't care about them not wanting in on their cab and being a slap in the face to normal family life yet now they promise to fine a cab if they may be part of the sex trade which let us say they really don't know. Their job is to drive someone to their destination. Not ask questions.

It does say in this article is if they are convicted of a felony regarding the sex trade but if that is true then 10,000 fine is nothing anyway if that is the case. So sad to say it seems this is more just to punish men at the lower end to make some women think that they are being protected which if Bloomberg really cared there are so many things he could do that really would slow down or stop sex trafficking including some of these sleazy places that exist in NYC that the cabs are forced to promote. But I guess those people have more money and both Bloomberg and the women who wanted this billed passed don't want to fight. Just go after men who in the first place don't protect them if they don't want to have these signs with sleazy clubs

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