Sunday, June 10, 2012

Barnes and Nobles displaying in help section Old Jews telling Jokes.

At Barnes and Nobles in Morris Plains, NJ I was a little disturbed. In the language section they only had 2 books on Hebrew English dictionaries. OK maybe not popular. No book on Hebrew verbs which they had for other languages. When I went to the help desk the book that was there that caught my eye was a book OLD JEWS TELLING JOKES. Looked it up seems like they play to the stereotype of a Jew that those who dislike Jews like. Not sure it is even so popular and not sure why it was there other then people like the stereotype view of Jews.

When you see a store at Barnes and Nobles displaying this book in a prominent way like this it certainly is disturbing. And that some people like books like this because they like Jews who make Jews look bad. I don't go for the self hating Jew stuff. These Jews actually love themselves a little too much that to make themselves well known they would make their people look bad.

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