Sunday, June 10, 2012

According to Debbie Schlussel if you don't hate Muslims you aren't a real Jew.

That is what I conclude. On her blog a while back I mentioned that there are extremists in all religions. Which there are. And her response is to take me off as a friend. Mind you I am a Jewish man as she always claims to be someone who cares but her actions so otherwise.

The irony is she is a fan of Meir Kahane who in his own right had no problem terrorizing Jewish men who disagreed with him. And worked for a paper that of course promoting liberal divorce "The Jewish Press" and of course destroying marriage will destory your own society from within so the only thing you can do is focus on hating "others" because your own internal ideas are going to destroy your own people.

In other posts I have read she calls Jewish men Kapos for not agreeing with all her positions in hating Islam for her tastes. Yes she isn't the one that may come home dead if there is a conflict with a country that practices Islam in Israel yet she has no problem pushing her hatred. In fact that is her claim about Orthodox Jews in Israel that they come home dead as they do contribute to the military as if that is something to brag about and in fact it is when the military wins conflicts that help us. Men coming home dead doesn't help us. God promises to not have any man come home dead. In fact a true man of God cried out to God when any Jew was killed. All that does is embolden the enemy and that we don't value life in our own right as we love to point out how they don't care about their own men but we seem to be no different.

She is a walking contradiction. She claims to claim about fathers yet supports the Rabbis in telling women they can marry whoever they want and the kid is automatically Jewish which does encourage women to marry whomever as the man doesn't matter and once married she can't do anything about it which of course if it is a man it is different.  It is almost as if she only supports fathers if they act like thugs in undermining other men. Otherwise forget about it.

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