Thursday, June 28, 2012

John Roberts is a pro life liberal socialist.

Why else would he marry a 41 year old woman (he was 41 too) who her soon to be wife at the time volunteered for feminism for life which are pro life but support the socialist and unnatural idea of feminism.

She was a volunteer from 1995-1999. Which was when they got married. 1996. Which yes I do think is very significant and the kind of "conservative" Bush was.

Bush betrayed us again. But this is the type of "conservative" that Bush wanted. A man that supports feminism but is pro life. And the result is what we got. Private health care creates inequality for women since women have more health costs then men due to the fact they can get pregnant and give birth. And to create "equality" you have to force men to pay for medical costs (not to pay for the one they are married to) that they will never have which this bill does.

Here is an interesting link on the marriage between them.

Photo from. Roberts wife is in the red dress.

They both got married at 41. He married a female lawyer and they adopted 2 children. Some of that should be a red flag for a "true conservative". Some people do end up getting married a little later but to marry a female lawyer who volunteers for feminism for life. Feminism is part of socialism and would support this bill that just passed. They support (as well as other "pro life peole) Susan B. Anthony who claimed 600,000 men were drunkards which such hatred towards men is not something that people should look up to. Maybe her husband was but to then make claims like this just shows pure hate on her part. She wanted "social purity laws" by making laws specifically against men. See the link at the end of this post as I posted about her in the past. 

And this nonsense by the way of Susan B. Anthony being pro life is absurd that is promoted by those who claim to support pro-life which says a lot about them. She had vicious views about men. Sadly though male religious leaders like to promote hatred towards men that don't have a bully pulpit as they DO NOT like men who use their gray matter that God gave them to think if what the male religious leader says makes any sense  and hold God to as high a standard as anything else which they should. To hold God to a low standard shows contempt for God and that God is just a toy for what you want.

 Here is what I originally wrote on Susan B. Anthony on this blog.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

German court views Circumcision of bodily harm.

Photo from the article above.

Can you believe that. Although sadly some Jews about 20% are against it according to the Jewish Forward. Their motivation seems to be that this circumcision is sexist because women don't have anything similar. No joke. Read some of the comments on this link from the forward on why circumcision is bad.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where my mother got this bad attitude of looking at what men have

Don't know as this kind of envy type mentality is very bad as we read in Exodus 14:14. Hear God is speaking more to men it seems (not to covet another man's property or another man's wife) but of course created both men and women in the image of God and able to understand good and evil and God explaining what is inappropriate and here God clearly finds envy of someone else inappropriate. In today's time you have women like my mother looking at what men have an wanting what men have and playing this out with her children which is me and my sister.

The worst part of it is my Maternal Uncle told me once that my sister is a JAP. And don't always like my sisters behavior. Having said that though. My sister didn't develop this in a vacuum. She learned it from my mother sadly and my mother being older and having more life experience is more at fault here. Maybe  my mother learned it her mother. I don't know but many things should have woken my mother up including the idea of not to look at what someone else has but apparently this isn't the case.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Have a good week. Getting work from 2 jobs that provide accounting services.

After tax season which is good. If anyone told me I would be working for one job in which they were Egyptians and the other job they were Greeks I would think you are making it up. But that is my existence and continue to get some work now after tax season from both these jobs which is keeping me busy working both jobs part time.

So have a good week everyone. Hopefully will post once or twice during the week. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zvi Zimri wishes me a stroke because I mention he supports masturbation which I am allowed to point out.

This guy is just very out of control and a real danger to to other people (both men and women) in my opinion. He loves to criticize others but can't take it when someone criticizes him. His sense of superiority over other people is just terrible. This is what he wrote. Commentary later on. All I said by the way is he supports masturbation which he does. He says I am immature and full of hatred???? Don't you think he should look in the mirror with how vicious he is because what other think of him not because of me but because of his overall behavior which others who warn them about him is shown to be true. It does show to me how men that are obsessed with sexual pleasures likely have social problems because a person attractive or not is a human being. HIS COMMENTS BELOW

You're off the Topic comment shows your full of hatred and immature.
Besides, I've never promoted masturbation for its own sake. But I've learned that trying to reason with you is a total waste of time since you're determined to twist what I say for your own odious hateful ends. The JTF activist who slammed you as an abusive man in need of medication was right on the money. On the Qaraite group you were told by several individuals you're mentally ill and in need of external help to overcome your malaise, but you prefer to deny you have any such sort of problem.You haven't learned any lesson after the admins of 'Karaites' banned you; as far as you're concerned you were tossed out of there for nothing.Keep marginalizing yourself ever increasingly through your statements and behavior; you've done a terrific job of it so far.If you've decided to adamantly refuse to receive psychological help, I hope you'll receive the same fate as Ariel Sharon. There is way too much bitter hatred among Jews already without the poison you publicly spout at any Jew which you slightly dislike even one of their opinions. There will be no Bayt Miqdash and Mashi'ah as long as Jews like you exist.Bye for the meantime, loser. -ZviP.S. If you reply, your message will land in a cyber garbage can and won't reach me.

Bloomberg signs sex traffic bill to fine cabs. What do you think?

From WOR Radio web stie.

I will admit that I am not a big fan of Bloomberg to share my own bias here but I have to say as someone who had worked in NYC just a few weeks ago this seems more about punishing the easiest target to look good rather then really doing anything about the problem.

To begin with the cabs always have these signs for "gentlemen clubs" with pictures of women dressed in a sexual way. And  the yellow cabs don't even have a choice if they don't want this on their cab.  
Mr. Bloomberg doesn't protect these poor men if they don't want to have these signs as they find it degrading to women and as a man makes them look like a sleaze as well.  Some cab drivers (as a woman isn't for a one night stand) don't want to promote this but have little choice.  Why doesn't Mr. Bloomberg if he cares so much not force these cabs to have these signs or better yet have the cab companies take them down. And this kind of imagery and promotion of course is part of what creates human trafficking. If you could get an underage girl that this will be all she knows how to do when she is an adult. If Bloomberg really cared maybe he should go after these kind of clubs that make NY look sleazy and creates the need for big bucks to try to get young girls. I am pretty sure Guliani tried to clean up some of the dirty elements (not just physical) of the city. Why not Bloomberg have the cabs take time these signs and advertise for something else that is more decent.

So who is right. The UJA or the world almanac on Jewish numbers.

In the right ring we have the UJA claiming (which the Jewish forward picked up) big demographic changes in Jews in NY. In the other ring we have the latest numbers World Almanac which in it in giving out the numbers or religious denominations according to them 10% of the 6-6.4 million Jews label themselves as Orthodox. That isn't a change and may actually be a small decrease. In general since I have been reading about this Orthodoxy seems to always check in between 10-15% of Jews. So who is right. In addition it is interesting that the numbers of each denomination was group with the same note mentioning how many Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstuction and the amount that was left would think is unaffiliated. The most honest way of doing it is to ask the people themselves which only 10% consider themselves Orthodox.

Yet now Michael Medved has also picked up on the article in the Jewish Forward. His comments though about what the UJA is does shed light of a possible problem. The UJA stands for the United Jewish Appeal which they work to help poor Jews. Sadly some of these groups as well want to keep their own poor because it gives them more of a sense that they are needed. Not all but some. Don't know if the UJA is like that but it could be. That being the case of course UJA is going to come across more poor Jews who want their services or need help. That will skew the numbers. Sadly many Jewish religious people have no problem feeling they should government or other types of help even if they are able bodied. So this may very well skew the numbers.

The Jewish forward does not really like the ideas of the bible and does not like the Orthodox. Why then would they publish this? The answer I hate to say it is Jews being poor and dependent is exactly what they want just as the Rabbis want. The fact that the Orthodox have only male Rabbis they don't like but they do like that they keep other men down and don't respect fatherhood. So overall that is acceptable and like most with the mentality of the forward and them pushing various envy politics like feminism at the end of the day they don't care who they throw overboard.

My conclusion is: I would suspect the UJA study was not done using proper samples and from what I have seen the Rabbis do work with many secular and liberal groups to undermine others. Some of these secular Jewish  groups will be very nice to the so called Orthodox if they support easy divorce and slandering Jewish men. I see it where in live in Northern, NJ of Rabbis with various secular Jewish groups and getting specail privileges as well for the Orthodox and Orthodox women. So I don't buy it and this make those who support socialism and equality as the forward does wake up and realize that this envy politics of forced equality doesn't work and those with that kind of mentality will throw anyone under the bus.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Debbie Schlussel not a big deal of loss of solders life during the Yom Kippur war under Golda Meir

Sadly Debbie who  her father was in the military during vietnam  (which she uses as a selling point which most men didn’t have a choice although some deferred)  and not in sports yet she doesn’t seem to care about the men who died in the Yom Kippur war due to Golda Meir incompetence and cowardliness. This is what Ms. Schlussel has to say on Golda Meir on an article about men in America being emasculated (which for Jewish men somehow that is ok) . Debbie doesn’t believe for Jews the father is important. She supports the Rabbis position that only the mother matters. For others she believes it is important not Jews. I guess Jewish men are just to fight endless wars  with Islam and if they die big deal. That is her attitude here.

She has never been married and this spinster is not bothered at all by the fact or have any anger to the religious world that they couldn't find a Jewish man for her. I am not married and I can't respect the religious because only if you fit certain agendas do they help you. So she does nothing to help her own people other then defending show men Jews which is not what is going to keep us going. 

From her link.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Israel and the US do not have a Social Security Agreement.

Which could be  a problem. This means if a person who still is an American citizen works as an independent contractor in Israel they have to pay to both countries Social Security. That is unfair and not right. There should be an agreement as there is with many countries and if you pay to the  country you are now living in you don't have to pay to the US.

I do think this is unfair and I would hope there would be a Social Security agreement since you don't want to lose the benefits either in which you paid taxes to the USA for so many years taken out of your paycheck to go to Social Security.

I wonder what is done in sitations like this but it does make things harder for no real reason.

Do you believe the article in the Forward about the breakdown of NY Jews by religious affiliation.

Link here.

Sadly I think overall are birth rates are below replacement value and that is sad and articles like this to give false hope is only to keep women distracted from getting married and helping our people grow since they falsely think everything is great.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Greek and Egyptian elections in.

What a crazy existence I have as I work for both Greeks and Egyptians and they both had elections.

This is what I wrote on this on my Facebook page.

Greece and Egypt elections decided. Greece has voted to continue to be in the EU and Egypt voted for the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't know what to think as at the end of the day Mubarak and Egypt was only giving Israel a false sense of security as Egypt was under Mubarak very anti-semitic and Israel and Egypt just a pawn of America which I do see some who support Israel do want it become a Christian country which it isn't. I know that will offend some but that is what I see sometimes.

Also I was listening to Savage and related to the Middle East I could not believe that he said that Syria protects Jews under Assad. That is simply rubbish.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The bible never says "Eye for an Eye" it says "Eye Under an Eye"

As someone who is Hebrew comprehension is at a moderate level but this phrase in hebrew is Ayin Tachat Ayin. Which literally means "Eye under and Eye".  It is terrible that this term is mistranslated and by Rabbis as well who know Hebrew as it makes God look barbaric. Everyone use this mistranslated expression to put down the God of Israel and not point out the literal meaning is eye under an eye and feel they need to create their own religion. Including Rabbis who after they have made a mistranslation now want to use that to claim well they had and oral tradition that claimed this didn't mean eye for eye literally and you see you have to follow them because otherwise you will end up doing barbaric things.

Agree somewhat with this article which is where I get all the passages to give credit here since this helped in drawing my own conclusions here.

You shall teach them to your children to discuss them-

You shall teach them to your children to discuss them, while you site in your home, while you walk on the way, when you retire, and when you rise. (Deutoronomy 11:19)

This idea of God' s word just in some Yeshiva and then not discussing it outside violates this passage.

There are other questions that this passage begs. The Rabbis would claim well this proves that we need the Talmud with is maybe 50,000 pages because the five books of Moses do they really give you something to talk about all the time. After all it is only 500 pages in my Artscroll English - Hebrew Tanach, the Five Books of Moses. To be exact 514 pages.

So there needs to be more then that.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

60% Swedish and many Russian children of Jewish parents not circumcised. 60% in Sweden. Rabbis only care who mother is.

They fully support the Orthodox and Conservative position that it doesn't matter because all that matters is that the mother is Jewish. I hope this isn't true but it may very well be. According tot his link they are pushing for more Jewish boys to be uncircumcised as already 60% of boys from parents who are Jewish oare not being circumcised and in Russia many children of Jewish parents were not and still not circumcised.

This is what they have to say. From the site.

"Being circumcised is not a condition of being Jewish. Girls do not need to be circumcised to receive the gifts of covenant, i.e., being bat-mitzvahed. A boy is Jewish if his mother is Jewish from the moment he is born".

In addition and I quote from this site.

  • In Sweden, 60% of Jewish boys are intact.
  • Many Soviet Jews, left intact for fear of communist persecution, have chosen to remain so, even though communism no longer exists.
  • Contrary to popular opinions, an intact boy may have a Bar Mitzvah. As one rabbi simply put it, “We don’t check.” 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sadly biggest supporters of Foreskin man woman ages 18-24.

Thankfully only 10,000 people like on Facebook which it shouldn't be one person but that is low for a group that has had exposure for bad reasons but still some people would defend them being attacked.

Biggest group is girls 18-24. And look, at the raio of grils to boys under 17 against it.
Thankfully only about 15,000 support this sick site in total so it is very percent of both genders but if this was truly a problem it would be young boys against it not young girls. And this site promtoes open bigotry towards Jews. This site seems to have found young girls the best target for this bigotry.

Which is what it is about. And with many girls at younger and younger ages being brainwashed by feminists and parents who think women can't be influenced in a bad direction the idea of circumcission is inequality in it's own crazy way even though it is cutting off a man's foreskin.!/photo.php?fbid=260522167329004&set=a.260522160662338.56450.117501288297760&type=1&theater

Maternal lineage means that nonjewish men have no rights according to the Rabbis.

And we need to solve the agunah crisis and anytime a woman wants a divorce she gets it to be "fair to both Jews and Non-Jews".

No joke. After all it isn't the woman's position to divorce in general according to what some consider a sexist book known as the bible. So if she marries a nonjewish man she can't just decide to divorce. Unless you believe that nonjewish men have no rights. Or you can kidnap the mother and child from the father. That really makes our religion look good. And I have heard of us complaining about Chrstian leaders in their own twisted view that a child is Christain so then you can take the child.

If a man marries a woman that othre men find objectionable they can punish this man and force him to divorce the woman and compensate the woman for what they feel is wrong. They can't do this with a woman.

It cracks me up I mentioned well some woman said well we need to solve the Aguna issue. As only a mother and child and the father doesn't. Never mind that actually a higher number of women refuse to accept the divorce rather then man not giving the divorce. And a man is suppose to compensate the woman even if he finds her distasteful as after all he married her in the first place. Unless she committed adultery but just general find something distasteful about her you have to compensate her. Which these women that want "equality" want to be able to divorce when they want but also that the man should pay them for getting out of the marriage contract. That is just seeing Jewish men as someone to take from and goes against basic contract law. The man pays to get out of the marraige and in some cases he can't afford to divorce which would hopefully in the first place that a man would look for a decent woman.

But even so who the heck are the male Rabbis. That they make up their own rules that most men don't support and it is some woman who just act like everything is what the male Rabbi says. So these women give the male Rabbis absolute power. It just amazes me. As if the male Rabbi is their husband or something from the way I see it. For saying this a guy deleted my comment saying it may have hurt the woman's feelings to say this. Well. I am trying to wake the woman up in some way and most of it was not directly critictzing her. He even said I did not like the comment. So he cencers other men and had no problem personally attacking me. And he wants to focus on hating Muslims when he can't work with other men. Just wants to save more women who he thinks he will do his bidding which it is sad guys like this. And he worked some defense type job yet he can't work with other men which is never good.

According to Debbie Schlussel if you don't hate Muslims you aren't a real Jew.

That is what I conclude. On her blog a while back I mentioned that there are extremists in all religions. Which there are. And her response is to take me off as a friend. Mind you I am a Jewish man as she always claims to be someone who cares but her actions so otherwise.

The irony is she is a fan of Meir Kahane who in his own right had no problem terrorizing Jewish men who disagreed with him. And worked for a paper that of course promoting liberal divorce "The Jewish Press" and of course destroying marriage will destory your own society from within so the only thing you can do is focus on hating "others" because your own internal ideas are going to destroy your own people.

In other posts I have read she calls Jewish men Kapos for not agreeing with all her positions in hating Islam for her tastes. Yes she isn't the one that may come home dead if there is a conflict with a country that practices Islam in Israel yet she has no problem pushing her hatred. In fact that is her claim about Orthodox Jews in Israel that they come home dead as they do contribute to the military as if that is something to brag about and in fact it is when the military wins conflicts that help us. Men coming home dead doesn't help us. God promises to not have any man come home dead. In fact a true man of God cried out to God when any Jew was killed. All that does is embolden the enemy and that we don't value life in our own right as we love to point out how they don't care about their own men but we seem to be no different.

She is a walking contradiction. She claims to claim about fathers yet supports the Rabbis in telling women they can marry whoever they want and the kid is automatically Jewish which does encourage women to marry whomever as the man doesn't matter and once married she can't do anything about it which of course if it is a man it is different.  It is almost as if she only supports fathers if they act like thugs in undermining other men. Otherwise forget about it.

Barnes and Nobles displaying in help section Old Jews telling Jokes.

At Barnes and Nobles in Morris Plains, NJ I was a little disturbed. In the language section they only had 2 books on Hebrew English dictionaries. OK maybe not popular. No book on Hebrew verbs which they had for other languages. When I went to the help desk the book that was there that caught my eye was a book OLD JEWS TELLING JOKES. Looked it up seems like they play to the stereotype of a Jew that those who dislike Jews like. Not sure it is even so popular and not sure why it was there other then people like the stereotype view of Jews.

When you see a store at Barnes and Nobles displaying this book in a prominent way like this it certainly is disturbing. And that some people like books like this because they like Jews who make Jews look bad. I don't go for the self hating Jew stuff. These Jews actually love themselves a little too much that to make themselves well known they would make their people look bad.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

The 990 tax return of Nefesh B'Nefesh. (Didn't look too great)

As an accountant (although don't do many non for profits) but was looking at their tax returns. Started with 2009 and finally found 2010. 2011 is likely not released yet.

Here are the links to the two tax returns. Thanks to the FDNcenter for this info.

Just to update this: I was looking at charity navigator for how they would rate charities (as it is somewhat then a for profit enterprise) and they would give their financials 2/4 stars which is fair but not great. The bad points are reduction in donations, limited assets to pay for expenses, and expenditures for program  costs went up .2% as most of the increase in expenses was administrative which it would be understandable if expenses increased due to program expenses but most of the increases in 2010 were administrative expenses. Also in the last 5 years they have averaged 1.2 million more in expenses then what has been received. Now to read my original analysis.

In addition the officer salaries was doubled from 321,089 in 2009 to 698,697 with two new key emplyees of Ruth Halevi and Yael Katzman as controller and marketing director. Not sure why during a recession you would increase costs for officers and key emplyees which as stated above there wasn't much of an increase in program spending.

In 2010 donations were way down!! In 2009 there was 11.3 million in non-government donations. In 2010 it was 4.7 million. of non-government donations. -1 Government grants went up from 7.7 million to 9.5 million. Which in 2010 2/3rds of the revenue came from government grants. Why donations were so down in 2010 was it the recession or a few donors dropping them don't really know at this point. -1

But overall contribution was down 5 million from 19 to 14 mil in 2010 yet expenses actually increased about a million.  In 2010 they spend 4 million more then they collected.

Being the only game in town for this purpose and getting 2/3rds of its support from the government grant (which I think is the Israeli government) is not a good situation and declining donations from other sources and having 11.3 million liabilities some (3.7 mil) which is short term accounts payable and being in a financial situation like this causes an organization to not be able to make good decision when there are so desperate for funding that they will give in to demands that are not good for the people trusting this group to make Aliyah. They also have to demand money from the Israeli government to pay expenses and that may lead to having to make compromises. Let us say a new PM takes over and even Netanyahu has some corruption that again this is not a good situation to be in.

 Their financial issues is  maybe why there were layoffs recently which is both in terms of donations decreases but also that they have liabilities that are increasing in the wrong areas.

What composes this liability as stated above also is of concern.

In a Kibbutz chlidren are raised "together" so mother can share equally in Kibutz aspects.

This also from Hebrew Podcast. A lesson on a Kibbutz learning some Hebrew words like to Volunteer. Thankfully less then 2% of the economy are Kibbutzim as many have failed as socialism does not work and playing on ones person's envy of another which is a biblical prohibition not to desire what someone else has which to prevent others from having more then you is certainly part of this I would think. (Exodus 20:14) You shall not covet your neighbor's house, your neighbor's wife, or his ox of his ass or anything that is your neighbors.

Children are not raised by their parents. Instead raised together to socialize them and free mothers to "equally" be involved in all activities. I am wondering if the child care is done equally by men and women in the kibbutz when not done by the parents. Doubt it. This "equality" is only so they can teach their children their ideology which sadly is what this is about. Obviously God did not create men and women with the same "equal"  skills and physical attributes in all area's. The Kibbutz is only playing on women's envy in some area's about men so they can raise the children with "their" ideology. There are no property rights. This is the panel mentioned on Hebrew podcast.

All aspects of life are held in common. All

decisions are made by voting in a general

committee. There is no private property.

In most kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz)

children are raised together and not in

their parents’ homes to socialize them to

the Kibbutz ideology and to free the

mothers to share equally in all the Kibbutz

aspects. All members of the kibbutz eat

together in communal dining halls.

Agriculture is the major economy system

for self sufficiency.

Israel imports 100% of their cars. Don't think that is good.

Update. Someone explained to me the issue is tax which yes they are taxed at 78% which all that does is make cars less available for those of lesser means as the tax will be passed to the consumer. In addition it would cause that country to not want to be in an industry that is so heavily taxed. 

All cars are imported. I learned this from Hebrew Podcast. It is a great program to learn and refresh your Hebrew.

Anyway they had a lesson in 2009 about cars. In it they have a little panel on the auto industry. This is what they have to say.