Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week in Review: Worked for a few Jewish guys in a CPA firm.

Sorry haven't blogged in about a week and a half. Last week and the week before worked for two guys who were Jewish and had a lot of tax returns of well to do Jews. Some of it they work and some of it was inherited and give money to a lot of Yeshiva's and stuff. One of the women who teaches in a Yeshiva the man doesn't work much from what I can see.

But the two bosses (one who I didn't know was Jewish) don't think liked me too much. One of the other people I spoke to told me that the bosses though can't vote Republican because they are Jewish.

I do not understand this at this point in my life. Only Repubs can hate Jews. It is silly. My own experience is those that hate Jews it actually is because of the strict things it says in the bible. I have overheard comments with people who didn't know I was Jewish. If that is the case certainly being nonreligious isn't going to make you love Jews any more. In my opinion. the so called religious that don't like Jews also they find the Hebrew bible and the 5 books of Moses too harsh to their tastes.

I guess what it is with these 2 Jewish guys even though they do the returns of these so called religious Jews they despise them. Either that or these so called religious Jews are similar in that they also feel that anyone religious is going to hurt them and if they support weird liberal causes that will protect them which sadly is pathetic they deep down they see their own religion beliefs is wacky so they have to support "wacky causes" as they think that will protect them.

At least these returns they did they seem to have their own income to support themselves and their family. In that regard they deserve credit. It certainly wasn't based on "faith" as some of these female Jewish bloggers who are just mouthpieces for some male religious leader (and basically their helpmate) that wants to keep men down and not care if they can work.

One of my bosses at this job only seems to care about certain politically correct causes and ignore the real problems. I think most abuse of boys is not sexual molestation but yet other then that you can do horrible things to boys. The reason to me seems to be that this fits their agenda that men are sex manaics more then anything and they can pretend to care about men. But when boys are mistreating in many terrible ways that are not "sexual" they couldn't care less as they don't really care and want boys to be kept down as they are afraid of any competition from other men. So mothers and fathers can do as they please to their boys and many of them do and sadly they will become themselves a very uncaring person being brought up unless they have other influences to get them off this path.

So we will see what happens. Should I call the agency to find out if they have work for me or no! Just wondering.

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