Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mrs. Anna response on Matriarchal lineage and her sad family life growing up.

Continuing the previous post and what she wrote back.

From Mrs. Anna
"Second, I really wish I had a father, and that my father was a Jew. I wish I had grown in a normal family. Halacha rules that yes, a Jewish woman's children are Jewish no matter what, but if she has children with a non-Jew, most likely her children won't grow up practising Judaism, and her grandchildren are likely not to be Jews at all. So if she thinks she can raise Jewish children in a goyish environment, she is deluding herself."

She is mostly repeating the male Rabbinic dogma and puting her own self interest above what is good for the Israelite people as this isn't good for us as this does create those who hate our God (or without even knowing it then pushing the ideas of their father their mother learned to attract a man from another religion)  and become a 5th column that I have heard repeated by other women. Her response though is incomplete is if a female child doesn't end up practicing Judaism (and what about a male child) which is what happens in most cases. and she marries and has another daughter it is very possible that yes she doesn't practice Judaism but she is according to the Rabbis Jewish and therefore as a Jew can make Aliyah and claim to speak for Jews. I have seen first hand that some women know is and use this to try to bring Christianity to Israel or use this in the workplace in America to go after Jewish people with the fact they are Jewish. So Mrs. Anna is deluding herself to think this issue doesn't create a very likely 5th column to develop through this absurd rule. It also shows her putting her own self interest above what is good for the Jewish people and refusing to this that this does encourage women to marry any man and causes exactly the kind kind of environment Mrs. Anna grew up in. She will defend the position of Polygamy in theory and talk about how this idea of prohibiting was not biblical but when it comes to this she refuses to admit that this idea has no biblical basis as well. 

Someone who is concerned about feminism should recognize as classic feminism

And promotes children not having a father that they can look up to. Which of course benefits the male Rabbis when there is a weak or father that the mother teaches the children to disrespect due to this unbiblical position to the Rabbis. How could Mrs. Anna defend this when this whole principle would lead women to not be the helpmate of their husband and the mother to actually teach the children to disrespect the fathers background and children and just learn from some male Rabbi instead who takes the place of the father.

From Mrs. Anna
 Never learned much about Karaites, don't know enough about them to give you my opinion.

Ok. Fair enough. Not much to say about this although she does have a female Karaite following her blog and to be fair at this point they have problems as well in other area's.

From Mrs. Anna
Yes, making aliyah can be hard, but all my friends who have made aliyah as adults agree that Israel is definitely the place to be for a Jew, especially if you feel detached in your original community. If you do take the plunge we, as people who have lived here all our lives, will be of course happy to offer whatever advice and assistance we can.

That is nice. Which ok I sort of didn't read this as much as I should have although according to some groups many children in Israel have hunger (not sure they do it just so you give them money) but with Mrs. Anna speaking on issues she can't know much about and her husband not sharing anything in this regard this creates many in Israel who have no where to turn. They read these articles by women that don't know what is gong on in this area and men who refuse to care about other men with women supporting their husband in this regard which isn't a good thing.

This is the biggest reason I don't like so called religious women. 

They really deep down have contempt for men for whatever reason and try to hide to through a very rigid role but it doesn't change the fact that just wanting men to work for you and then being the one speaking about religious idea's to a broader audience is switching roles no matter how much you call yourself someone who is against feminism. And wanting men to be nothings and then worse attacking them for that when that is what is being forced down their throats by adults. Women are allowed to use their skills to make money to help their families. They do have value on average if you read Leviticus Chapter 27. Yes, I don't believe in this forced equality that forcing companies to hire a certain number of women which means on their own they couldn't get the job as certain area's people know women are better at that men.

The issue is not being there for young children. 

Anyway, enough said. I hope this can wake up people that some are actually using "staying at home' and being against feminism and labeling them as such to think this makes them "super holy" and super smart. This turns off many women who then think somehow staying at home at any degree is selfish when in reality it is just these women their motivation is not really doing what is best for children as much as it is to make themselves more holy then someone else which is a selfish reason to do it. And their distrust of men is obvious as well which that mentality does bring out vibes that don't seem right. As a woman by nature wants to help men unless she is brainwashed to think men can't be trusted (and need some male religious leader to tell them how to do everything and be a slave to him) which sadly will lead to a woman to never deep down be happy and will then use other ways for false happiness which don't work and one is to want constant attention and people to tell you how smart and wise you are even though that really isn't the case.


Anonymous said...

You self-describe as single, looking for a partner & a little shy? Perhaps instead of pointing out the shortcomings of Mrs Anna, you might put a little more effort into finding your own wife, & overcoming your shyness.

Adam K said...

Fair enough! This post was from a while back. It Is very hard for anyone to be able to meet someone with little help from anyone. Yes I am a little bit shy (although not extreme ) but just to approach anyone in this day and age is not such a good idea.