Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mrs. Anna of Domestic Felicity doesn't want her husband to have any public role.

And claims she is only being her helpmate in supporting what he wants. That is what he wants. If her husband wanted to turn a light on the Sabbath would Mrs. Anna say the same thing. I am just being his helpmate. Here is the first part of the latter addressing this.

Hi Adam,

I'm currently not at leisure to discuss every point you brought up here, so I'll address just what I can right now.

First, about my husband. You keep saying my husband ought to take on a "more public role" - whatever it is. But shouldn't this be about what HE wants? I am his wife; I go along with his plans, his hopes and projects. And I assure you my husband has not the smallest inclination for public life.

It isn't even normal for a man not to want to share with others and reach out to others but she likes men to be socially undeveloped. How can he make a leaving in a decent way if he doesn't want to do anything to reach out to others or makes them this claim he doesn't want to . He must have learned to get ahead don't help others especially men since that don't want give you job security. And Mrs. Anna supports that. As she doesn't care. Only women matter to Mrs. Anna when it really comes down to it and men are to blame for everything. If they don't work because their mothers and their community don't help them and the women do and then complained they are worn out the man is somehow to blame for all this and the women victims even though married a man not wanting him to work and not have any role.  It is just disgusting.

See the rest of the letter in my next post but in many ways it has caused her just to overcompensate in the other direction and not think deeply about how her situation has distorted her own viewpoints and that sadly she doesn't value men very much (which in the end can't make her happy since that is what women happy, helping men) unless they say what she wants to hear. She is badly influenced by the so called Ladies Against Feminism site which to be fair has good articles but at the end of the day they do have a double standard when it comes to men and really love to talk among themselves but don't want to hear what men in various spheres in life have to say

Notice the focus here by Mrs. Anna. What he wants.  Not what God wants. And especially since Mrs. Anna claims to be writing a blog against feminism which feminist feel exactly this. That women should rule and men can't be trust in public roles yet this is exactly what Mrs. Anna is giving in to here. What I mean in public role is to somehow reach out to other men which is just the decent thing to do if you are married and have some children. Reach out to men who are struggling and listen to their concerns. 

God created a man to take on a more public role then a woman. If a man doesn't want to do that he really is trying to run away from doing what God wants. By doing this he is hurting other men very seriously who don't have any Rabbinic connections or connections to the government. Which sadly doesn't bother Mrs. Anna which shows her continued hatred and distrust of men due to her background that she would want other men to not be reached out and support her husband in this regard claiming well she is her helpmate.

She likes being the more Public role sadly on issues that she couldn't know much about. 

She likes reaching out to others on her blog and she should want her husband to reach out to men but she does not want him too or is just being his helpmate in her husband just caring about himself but not other men in any way. She discusses topics that if she is home raising children she can't know much about. She can't know much about economics yet she writes post which sound very much that she is repeating something she heard from some male Rabbi. That those that are poor likely are wasting money and assuming that there can never be a time when a family legitimately can't afford children. Some that have large families actually turn to government programs and food stamps and section 8's to support their children. They aren't relying on God and faith at all. They are relying on the men in the government.

Economics have played a role in lowering marriage rates and birth rates. 

Because of feminism many men's wages are going down and in addition many have no problem firing them at the drop of a hat to appease feminists in some jobs. The men that are secure in their job are those that play to the feminist politics in the workplace. And of course they don't care about other men as that is how they make their living by kissing up to women in the workplace. Of course this isn't the kind of man that a woman can really respect but many become arrogant because their husband may have it easy by playing politics claiming that is all about faith and God which is a complete lie. Sadly by doing this they are asking God to somehow make the man lose his job to develop a little humility for both the husband and wife to be so insensitive to those who have less money and don't want to turn to the government so they can have children.
Yet Mrs. Anna writes articles about this just repeating the talking points of male  Rabbis for the most part which sadly when a woman doesn't really want to help their husband in a good way they end up promoting other men.

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