Sunday, May 20, 2012

Marriage in America and Bachlerhood in America from colonial times

Interesting articles. Discusses the fact that marriage age for men did vary and that the age of marriage for men was sometimes delayed until they can afford to get married due to cost of living.  In 1890 it peaked at age 26 for men as they did have to put off marriage for some time after graduating high school due to cost of living and jobs. During the wars it when down to 23 as the government after the wars made it possible for men to be able to get good jobs and paid for certain items for veterans hat made this possible. Some look at what happened as the norm (after the war) but that really isn't the case studying the whole history of marriage and bachlerhood through this site that discusses the history of being a bachelor and being married in America and the conditions of different times.


To be honest this site doesn't really have answers but it is an interesting read nevertheless as nothing of the article talks about talks about the atittudes of women during that time period at least the first two parts as the third part I just glanced through. As emotionally mature men do need women to be their helpmates and if they don't want to do that it does push men to not do it. There are men who aren't married because they are doing so-so financially at best and have few connections to meet people and there are those who are just being swingers and the two aren't the same. And also just the way woman are presented in general affect the way men feel in general about getting married I would think. Men clearly are affected by women's attitudes as well which isn't discussed although I would think in most cases back them women needed to get married so it was either A. A man was not well of or B. was self centered in a bad way 

I think their idea of being a "gentlemen" is a little too much A man never being upset which there is a time to be angry and a man that seems to never gets angry about anything is certain I think a man that you should worry about. This article below was promoted by Ladies against Feminism which is how I found this site at least what they call themselves which I don't agree with what they are saying as sometimes outrage is needed and to always be civil then what is the point. Some people deserve to be treated civilly other don't and most of the women themselves are not always civil and sometimes rightfully so. To demand it of men like this is actually trying to emasculate them. That the articles by a man and woman also to me seems odd. These women like to have articles only written by women. But when it deals with male issues then you need a male and female righting together. Shows a double standard that I don't think is good as maybe articles by women also shouldn't just be written by women.  

So while this article is interestingly and I didn't know all this history not sure the site is helping to promote the fact that the ideal for a man is to be married and woman should want to be married to men that do stand for something and not for their athletic abilities or other skills when there isn't morality attached to it which does require men to stand up when they feel certain immoralities are committed and not be civil at times. Some of the hero's in Bible did things that would not be considered gentlemanly but were rewarded by God for it like Pincahs my torah portion I read when I was 13. 

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