Sunday, May 20, 2012

The men LAF support their profession is "religion or academics"

Not men in the trenches in  any job that they create anything.

Or men that aren't even liked in their own field.  Rabbi Boteach and Dennis Prager.

This will be my last post about this in a while. I don't feel they really are doing much to help men in area's they are more vulnerable especially in terms of the fact God was concerned about men leaving the world without any decendants and they focus on women being alone but them being alone hurts men as well. Sadly most Jewish male religious leaders as well don't care much about other men so they are sort of follwing our bad example which truly understanding the laws of Moses does show that God recognizes both genders have their areas of frailties. But mostly you get that men should care about woman's vulnerabilites but woman really don't care about men's to the same degree and don't think that is a good situation.

The few men that they post as I was just gong through their site.On the Jewish side have posted Dennis Prager and Rabbi Boteach both who are not really relevant. I discussed Rabbi Boteach in the past post. This is this post.

But here is what this man really stands for.

His views of male sexuality are really twisted and of course this is what some women want to hear and that is why his talk show has low ratings even though he is on in major markets like NYC as most men likely don't like him.

Which is not even true and not even biblical as if this is true and men were not arroused by emotion how then can a woman be a man's helpmate if he isn't aroused by emotions and feelings. Many woman in this feminist world are attracted to men who don't communicate and they like that because they actually want to raise the kids themselves in their own way and not have an intelligent man to discuss these issues with.

The one man that they do post there is Robin Phillips which how he got the name Robin I will never know although you can't blame him for it. But he is someone very involved with church dogam and teaches history. Doesn't sound like he has worked in the trenches in any way.

He puts down other religions like Mormanism and talks about "Postive thinking" which the "real prophets" in the bible actually many times had very bad things to say although the people wanted prophets that were positive and told them what they want to hear.

So if all LAF promotes are men who are invovled in the business of religion that doesn't show they really walk the walk. Feminism has always been supported by men in leadership position (both religious and those in the government) who lack a real basis for their positions in leadership and therefore undermine men in the middle and lower ends that question their ideas which they can't allow so they have to put men down constantly and cause women to be afriad of men for the slightest thing that shows they don't just follow the leader on top.

If they really cared they would listen to men in the trenches which they don't or assume very quickly that the man is "not religious" or "reads the bible" as was done to me.

Sadly mostly this is being done to actually deflect the problem as they know it is a problem but rather then deal with it have some women claim we are not feminist so people can think the problem isn't really there which of course it is.

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