Sunday, May 13, 2012

Loose Kannon and his take on Romney.

Good point here. This prank which is worse then what other people did when they were 18 but his point is a good one. How could Romney not remember it?? Yes, we all change but the fact he claims he didn't remember it is likely not true as he how could you forget this.

Like I said I rebelled at about 20 and didn't know what I was doing but I do remember it as at this point in my life I am nothing like I was when I was 20. Anywhere here is the link which is the podcast on wall street in which he starts by discussing Romney as I just saw this as I am downloading my MP3 with some podcasts as I am going to exercise.

I guess I will still vote for Romeny as the lesser of two evils although I really don't like him but he is slightly better then Obama from what I know of Obama unless somehow Obama has a change of heart which I don't see based on the position he is in.


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