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Ladies against Feminism agree with Rabbi Boteach

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Also on what I wrote Susan B. Anthony which she herself said since this brought up in this Jill Stanek link above.

Why they would promote Rabbi Boteach in any way is disturbing especially with his racy views who doesn't walk the walk. The man that rights a book called Kosher Sex and everyone knows is just panderer. He had a show on WABC which was cancelled likely because of low ratings. So why promote an irrelevant man. Here is a recent link on him.

 Here,  does agree with Rabbi Boteach position on out of wedlock pregnancies that it takes two. Yes, it does take two and it is unfair to put most of the blame on the woman but who does Jeannie and Rabbi Boteach want to blame if the women doesn't want to reveal who the man is Of course the man can in some cases let it be known but some of the woman's friends may also not care and keep it a secret. So of course the woman is more to blame in a case like this. In fact the bible says in19:29 Leviticus do not profone your daughter to make her a harlot less the land become lewd and filled with depravity

  So if anything here it almost as if they are apologizing for the bible for picking on women as it is dong in this case. If a woman doesn't know or care who the father is she deserves the blame for that.

What men are you gong to blame other then the father or some other man teachers her to be a harlot. It almost that they are angry that in some cases you don't who the man is in the first place and if the woman does and doesn't mention it well she is to blame then for keeping it a secret because she doesn't want the man involved. We know the sort of public relations with Bristol Palin she married the guy temporarily she had a child with  as not to be seen in a bad light when her mother was running which if the woman wants this stopped and a man held accountable then let us know who the man is and if true and the man doesn't want to be involved then he does look bad. 

Anyway, Jennie responds to me expressing this as follows.

  1. Jeannie wrote>All very interesting viewpoints, but it doesn’t sound like you’ve read the books of Moses recently. There are penalties for men as well as women. See Exodus 22:16-17; Lev. 20:10; Deut. 22:13-19, 25-28, for starters. There is no double standard in Scripture. Men are held responsible for their sins just as women are<

 Basically saying that I haven't read the bible interestingly. Which isn't true but in addition this is talking about a man seducing (which if that is the case) the woman should reveal who the man is. If she doesn't  she should be held accountable as she likely was the one seducing him which is why she doesn't want to reveal who the man is or is just sleeping around. To not see these passages were talking about when a man seduces a woman and if that is the case you as a woman would reveal it and if you don't then it shows you likely are the one who is the loose one sleeping with men that you don't even know who the father is or don't want to mention it which of course you deserve to blamed.

 Anyway, you could see the exchange here on this link.

And then you go to the comments of the blog that it was taken from in which a guy says abortion the blame is 3 times the man's fault according to Susan B. Anthony which she slandered and disliked men.

See the comments on this blog.

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