Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jeremiah Wright: The Pastor of Obama for 20 years.

They are talking about Romney and that as an 18 year old he bullied another kid who may have been gay although he didn't know that at the time.

Not sure why this is so important as I had problems in my early 20's and have changed a lot in the last 15 years and what someone does at 18 really is only an issue if somehow hasn't grown up since then. I am not crazy about Romney but of all things this isn't such a big deal.

However, of more recent issue is the fact Obama went to a church for 20 years with a preacher who promoted racism and also sided with the Palestianians and says we supported terrorism against them. He also made this speech right after 9/11 in which he believes America "deserved" 9/11. Why would Obama go to a church for 20 years and we shouldn't worry that he doesn't think well of America and his policies are to hurt this country. In addition that fact that has pastor hated Jews so much also should be of concern to those who are Jewish which I am. Anyway here is  a video on you tube of his Pastor and this first  speech when you click on it is right after 9/11.


philmwri said...

You already know why they gave Obama a pass on that because he's half black and very liberal.If that had been a conservative candidate whose preacher was condemning blacks, gays, muslims or women that wouldn't have been okay.

I'm black but I don't like all the reverse racism I see some blacks and even some liberal whites using.I know that many blacks and even some whites get mad at me when I shun reverse racism like that.The price I pay for speaking the truth is worth it to me.

Analytical Adam said...

That is great to hear!! I have worked with some blacks that really are lazy and want special rights. They also don't like Jews because they feel it takes away from their slavery and victimhood as if this is a contest. I have to say some Jews that are black seem to identify themselves as blacks and not as Jews. It does concern me. Nothing wrong with that but if that is the case then fine but dont' consider yourself part of the Jewish people.

Most Jews who are of light skin color don't identify themselves as part of Europe. Some exceptions (Rabbi Schiller) but in general they don't as I never did and neither did any of my friends.

Jews never made it by getting special treatment. In fact there is nothing stopping African Americans from starting their own business or even hiring someone of light skin to help them. There are always those who need the money and would do it. Yes, there has been racism but the fact is that many blacks were getting ahead before the civil rights laws in 1964 led to less qualified being hired over more qualified if they were a woman or minority. And these laws did not increase progress and in fact in many ways caused problems. I have a book by I think it is Thomas Sewell. Have to change.

I certainly am sad that there is racism and it is a shame for those who are of mixed parents. Of course the biggest racist are those that work in government agencies and social services.

philmwri said...

The reverse racism is being fueled by white liberals who are trying to divide and conquer America.I'm black but I have to say(Not because I believe in Judaism) but jews have had it much worse for longer.

I know that there is racism but many blacks need to stop blaming whites for their failures and really examine the reasons why they aren't successful.