Saturday, May 05, 2012

Islam as in other organized religion that undermine men that think and question.

This is what I am finding (working in an office that the owner is Egyptian Arab and practices Islam although his own identity I don't think is based on that although I don't think anybody of any religion is) and to be fair in some ways they aren't as bad as Christianity which is maybe why overall have much higher birthrates then Christian countries. But regardless, organized religion is terrified of men that use logic because Islam as in other organized religions they make rules that are open to question as to why should we do this. How does this make society better and us contributing to making the society better.

Christianity of course any intelligent man has to ask why any man should be God. Some women question it as well but less do then men and women always have some men (it is their nature) they want to be the helpmate of. It shouldn't be some mythical man though. Same in Islam if they question Mohammed or question some of their rules which also don't make people better (for example fasting 30 days during the day.) It just makes you weak.

Why do I say this? 

Last week over the weekend when no one else was around he tells me that "the girls" saw that I poured water in my own cup and then into the coffee pot we have. Which to begin with is not a big deal and I think it was that the water was very hot and it was to cool it off a little as I usually pour it straight in. This may have happened when this woman was there as I was asking if someone else wanted which if it happened then that is really pathetic to be so petty like this when I was trying to be considerate which shows that actually they view cleanliness even more important then how they treat another human being . If you think it is such a big deal you would tell me. Not then tell all the other "girls' and then tell the boss which to be fair my boss obviously didn't want to tell me who said this and I hope it was just one person. But these "girls' as my boss sometimes calls them have been working for him for a while so it just seems a little over the top. He could have just said one girl.  If you have a problem just pour it out if you saw I did it because the water was hot. The assumption of course if that I am just a dirty man which they like to hear based on their own envy of the opposite gender which is why they made such an issue of something so minor. Which is their attitude towards men and especially men that they feel envious of for one reason or another and this has been the atmosphere in this place for a while as I am the only non Muslim man there although they have women from other backgrounds although actually I think it has become a little better but I can tell this was the atmosphere for a while.

The men's restroom: Sit down for purification reasons. 

 In addition to that my boss actually has in the men's restroom which is just for men that when going to the rest room we should sit down rather then stand because of purification reasons. It seems to me it is more about making men sit down because women have to. If God felt this was unhealthy he wouldn't have created men this way that they can  This is pure envy politics being played to. This is a guy who does go to a Mosque (which it is his right) so you have to think in there religion the male religious leaders play to gender warfare and men that go alone with trying to make other men equal to women by making them doing silly things like this are the ones who are most likely to be involved.

This mentality though does not make women happy.

It will just cause them to always look at what men and what other have in general. Which is one of the basic commands in the bible. Thou shall not be envious of another his property, his wife, etc. This applies to women as well obviously as just like men they are tempted to violate what God has said but by disobeying God they will be unhappy because God knows better then them what will make them happy.

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