Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Interesting You Tube video on decline of the West.

This person mentions the issue of feminism and the decline of marriage. Escpecially with what is going on in Europe which the Nanny state among other issues is bankrupting countries.

Which by the way is not to blame women. As many men (myself very much included) were brainwashed by feminism and thought about this (while neglecting realizing I would have to work hard to get ahead) and didn't even have a job with above $10 an hour until I was 27  and as a result didn't realize how hard it is to make a living to at least maybe contribute at least 65% of the finances in a family which is likely needed due to the others roles a woman would need to do.

Which can't argue about. Although this idea of a man just as a hunter is not actually true as men are also more analytical (which is the name of my blog so had to put that in here, LOL) which we see as well as laws are becoming more based on "emotion" then based on reality and fairness as this kind of society also hysteria works very well which emotions are fine when they are combined with rational thinking. But on it's own it is unhealthy.

The bible clearly saw men fit for rules other then just hunting which for an animal to be fit to eat for an Israelite  an animal had to be slaughter in a certain way although I admit to this day like to know the  biblical source for this. So even back then may be there would be some men specializing in this area and not every man went to hunt.

Anyway, here is the video which overall is interesting. Many factors are leading to this. Men's wages going down and also not being motivated at a young age that it will be hard to make a living (I didn't think it would be hard as all I read was Rabbis who somehow had money), women being brainwashed, and many adults who also want to use marriage to push certain agendas that can only work with certain people who don't know what is gong on. Anyway here is the video.

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