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Hebron Fund honors women in Hebron who hate our Matriarch Sarah.

This is what they say in the letter they send. we celebrate the anniversary of our return to Hevron Proper in 1980 when 10 courageous women took their children and settled in Beit Hadassah:.
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As they insult Sarah a woman who was both beautiful on the inside and the outside.
What can be done about this. I refuse to give a penny to the Hebron Fund because of this because we don't need feminism in Hevron. The President Teddy Pollak as well is my fathers first cousin and don't think him and his wife are good people from my own experience. I did write to Hebron Fund about this above trying to find out more info and my concerns and they never wrote back.

This is dangerous though to have this ideology in Hebron.  For many reasons as whether we like it or not it is the place where the great greandfather of both Jews and Arabs is buried.

I was just outraged at this letter I received from the Hebron Fund. This is the place where our the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Israeli people are buried. This place is surrounded by arabs who have the same father Abraham but a different Mother in Sarah a woman who was both beautiful on the inside and on the outside and protected Issac from the bad influence of Ismael that she understood better then Abraham. Nevertheless God did promise Abraham that Ismael would be a  nation for he is your seed (Genesis 21:13).  That being the case people who live there do have to be of the most ethical character. One so God protects us but also that we can't pretend that Abraham has no significance to Arabs. After all Ismael was involved in burying Abraham. Genesis 25:9, his sons Issac and Ismael buried him (Abraham) in the cave of Machpelah.

Yet the Hebron Fund continues to honor single women "with their children" with this comment. On the 1st of Iyar.  "we celebrate the anniversary of our return to Hevron Proper in 1980 when 10 courageous women took their children and settled in Beit Hadassah:.

Uh, do these women have husbands? Did they do this on their own or did some creepy male Rabbi  wanted to entice some fairly young women with young families to leave their husband and settle in Hebron!! I can't believe these women just acted completely on their own although they are still as accountable as any creepy man to convince them to do this as if they knowing about Sarah this is an insult to her memory.

I mean, this is basically trying to insult the memory of Sarah and turn Sarah and Hebron into the prime locations for feminist ideology where male Rabbis tell women what to do. Sarah did the opposite.  When it come to where Abraham and Sarah settled Sarah followed Abraham's lead even when they had to move to a place that was hostile due to a famine. That meant sadly leaving the holy land and her being abducted but God did protect her.

So who cares? What is the big deal? It is a big deal because this kind of immorality by these women leaving their husbands and then hiding behind doing it for some Godly reason will cause God not to protect us and is absolutely disgusting to use God for such evil purposes. However, even worse, these women are showing their contempt for men being pushed by these corrupt male Rabbis.

The fallout is if these women disrespect men so much and only like men who enjoy putting other men down and will feel jealous of another man's wife they of course don't care that Arabs share the same father.

By doing this you are saying the father doesn't matter which can only give the message to arabs that we don't care that for all their problems they do have the same Great Grandfather in Abraham and do have a right to honor him. Of course many of them have been brainwashed to hate us as well and are jealous of God choosing Issac over Ismael (which was done based on the character of Issac) but having a bunch of feminist women (who themselves are jealous of women like Sarah and jealous of the man's role) in such a place that requires tremendous sensitivity is a recipe for feeling that Jews do not have the right to this land since if they did why are they bringing women in with their children without their husbands. Is that the kind of religion they preach? What kind of God is that? And again these don't respect Abraham even though we have a common father. So again doing this can only breed anger towards us for legitimate reasons due to the real issues in play here. These women (and those who support them) as much as any other group are trying to engage in replacing our Patriarchs and Matriarchs with their own views of what they think male and female relations should be.

The Hebron Fund has never responded to my queries about this.

I once said them a letter to please explain this. To these 10 women go alone? Are they widows? divorced? No answer. The no answer of course makes me wonder. But regardless this is not acting in the way of the land they are settling.

Also this from the letter I received- Hevron is where your Great-Grandparents are buried guarded by the Jewish community of Hevron- the most self-sacrificng group of people on earth.

Again, there is nothing self-sacrificng about women leaving their husbands and then trying to hide behind God as if God needs our sacrifice. Secondly.  Abraham also is the father of the arabs.  To pretend otherwise as if Abraham is only our Great Grandfather is wrong. But some who settle there don't respect fatherhood and that does not bode well for us with these kind of organizations.

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