Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Greece Crisis. (The US not far behind)

I work for some people who are greek and on Wednesday I was reading in the Wall Street Journal about that the people kicked out both main stream parties that backed austerity measures. to cut spending and benefits. People are having their checks for the elderly being decreased as someone at work told me . Two other countries also are in serious trouble Spain and Italy. All three of these countries have very low birth rates (among other problems like in Greece having a very low age for retirement) likely due to the Nanny state which is sadly coming crashing down. It is amazing in our "modern world" how so many countries (and of different cultures) are having low birthrates that are causing their population to go down without a shot being fired and that put the elderly at risk and are bad for the economies with labor shrinking and less people less things people need.

The US is not far behind as in 10 years are budget is nothing changes will be Social Security, Medicare, and Interest and that isn't even getting into the health care bill and it's costs. Some say we could have a major crisis in 2-5 years. Our own Nanny state and people relying on the government to replace family is also reaching a point that can't continue. Even unemployment in 26 states they are in the red and borrowing from the Feds.

So what is gong to be.I really don't know. Some cultures may be taken over by other cultures that have healthier family life although may have some flaws in it but relatively better. Some European countries may be taken over by Muslims cultures who overall have more children so the economy needs them since they purchase things something that if you don't have kids you can't purchase anything. Although some Muslim countries as well birth rates are below replacement value although others are not. Who knows. I really don't know. Could you have something like the Ottoman Empire I don't know. It is crazy what is going on with the debt problems in some countries that people have to turn countries in which they are having children which you can't have an economy without children.

I also hope Israel learns from what is going on as they are socialist in some respects but being only 64 years old and some of the population recent from various immigrations they don't have a problem of programs like their version of social security going bankrupt that benefits will have to be cut 25-50% that would be very difficult. But over time they may have issues and if it did happen that most Jews did move to Israel this socialist state would have to be replaced as like in other socialist type laws they can't work for more then maybe 2 generations the most before they collapse and Israel has been helped by various immigrations from other countries at various times which has increased their labor pool that they don't have to rely only from within.  The long term survival of Israel from within would require policies that people are not overly dependent on government. The family is given the autonomy it needs which is not the case in most counties and Europe, the US, and Canada. Goes back to the ideas of the bible which are meant to protect the family unit and have laws that protect the truly vulnerable which many of the laws and ideas of the bible are meant to do just that.

So what will happen with various countries (include the US) in such severe economic straits is interesting. Something will have to change with people seeing that some of the ideas being pushed do not work. Will a country adopt laws that push a marriage that is healthy and gives some rights to the husband recognizing that this actually creates more checks and balances to the men in power who actually believe in God and not just rule over everyone like dictators then everything being decided by some men in the government or by some religious men. They see that just emasculate men that women can't have any real love and respect for them and it is hard to love someone you just say as a pushover. Anyway, just sharing out loud.

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