Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Draft reform sparks fears in Haredi communities. Thought in general on the Israel military.

Full disclosure. That I am nearsided and here in the US have never served in any military capacity although I would like to at least reduce my nearsidedness.

Intersting article posted on Of course if all men are required to serve 3 years and if you are a woman for 2 years there should not be exceptions certainly not to study torah. Of course the men and women don't serve the same way (which they really shouldn't although they shouldn't pretend it is equal which isn't fair to the men). Of course no country in the West requires this as far as I know so in that regard Israel is different.  To study torah and claim this is gong to have God on your side not sure I would agree. I would think those WHO ARE FIGHTING should be reasonaly physically fit but also be of good moral character and in fact the torah says that. This idea to have other secular men fight for you is just absurd.

It should also be pointed out that despite this MANDATORY SERVICE in many ways the army is not doing as good a job as it should and some men are actually send on suicide missions to show their compassion for the enemy and those are situation where people in the military and those not should not somehow think THEY ARE DOING GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY BY DOING THIS. They are only making the enemy stronger by them showing such a disregard for their own life as the enemy senses we are kind of culture leads men to not want to live and not caring about their own life.

Which is the other side that disturbs me. When you hear those talk about how many Orthodox men died serving in the military. It would be better if these Orthodox men actually did something that hurt and/or weakened the enemy. Them dying doesn't make us any safer and in fact suggests God is not with us to allow our men to die.

So while I agree that no one should be exempted for "learning torah" which if you are so holy maybe YOU SHOULD BE IN THE MILITARY not hiding in a Yeshiva claiming that this protects others who are fighting which seems like a cop out to me. On the other hand the military should be efficient and not just 3 years of Israel partly using this for other purposes and not to protect Israel. If they could limit it to less they should. Just as technology makes certain things more efficient it should be that way in the military as well.

I would love to hear comments as I admittingly know not that much about this but just sharing idea's.

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