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Are Karaites soft on adultery.

Which many religions sadly do seem to think adultery in the bible is just harsh and picking on women. Jesus forgave a woman that committed adultery and the Karaites have an article discussing "Mamzer as follows. Here is the link.

The article starts by saying why is God unfair by punishing the child as the child didn't do anything discussing Deutoronomy 23:3. You could make the same argument for the other passages. Why should a child be punished if his testicles are crushed. He likely didn't do this to himself. Is that fair!! Or why should the children of a nation be punished if their parents were cruel to the Jewish people. They didn't do anything. The parents did. I guess big deal. So a man doesn't have testicals. It is good for the Karaite leaders. Less competition. That is goood. But to prevent adultery that is crazy.

So the beginning argument is absurd. There is a concept of children having some consequences because of actions the parents did. I guess the movement has no problem with children being punished for other sins except for Mamzer which the Rabbis translate as a bastard from an inappropriate relationship. JPS  translation is misbegotton in hebrew part of the word is Zar which means strange Which just begs the question, why suddenly are they bother now but now by other cases of children being punished for the sins of their parents? And where did this nutty idea that Mamzer means nation other then to be so offended of this idea of a child being punished for their parents conceiving him or her through an affair while the woman was married to another man. I mean this makes me think Karaites are just womanizing men that don't care if a woman is married to another man.

Deutoronomy 23:2, 23:4 23:5 children are being punished for the sins of their parents. Why is that not unfair to Melech. The children didn't do anything??

 My only answer is they don't care if a woman makes her husband look bad by having an affair and getting pregnant by it with another man. It just makes me wonder if Karaites agendas like the Rabbis is just about power for themselves and finding good issues with the Rabbis but their motivation was not for good and for God but for their own political power which is why they don't care if a woman does things that undermine the husband and in addition "talk about children being punished" is very bad for a child to be the child of an affair that breaks all trust between a husband and wife.

The claims made are just absurd. Melech claims that Mamzer is really a nation like other nations mentioned here which their children are punished for the sins of the parents. The problem is every other case a nation has a Yid when refurred to as a nation. In Hebrew a person from Egypt is called a Mitzi as the nation is Mizriam. Amon is called Amoni. Mamzer is not called Mamzeri. Why not? If it is nation it is referred to in some possessive form belonging to a larger nation. So this idea just doesn't add up. In addition they claim the first one isn't punished for generation. Well of course not. If his testicals are crushed he can't have children.

Other cases in the bible also show that God does punish children in affair type situations. When David has a relationship with Bat Sheva  the child born from this affair when Uriah was alive was stricken. (Samuel 2:11) Did the child do anything to deserve this? Of course not. God allowed David to live but he was punished severely for this in that his own women were given to other men in public unlike him that it was done in private.

So the whole point of this claim that it is unfair to punsih the child if they truly believe that they should have problems with the other things too. But to the Karaites I guess a man having his sexual organ damaged doesn't bother them. Less competition for the women I guess.

There are some cases of illicit relationships but they are unusual circumstances. With Lot and her daughters the daughters thought there were no other men. And Solomon was born from BatSheva but after he was dead due to this terrible action but at that point future relationships were not adultery.

But a normal case of a man having a relationship with a married woman of another man anyone can see is a terrible thing to the marriage and so much so that God does feel it is a capital offense that a man can even bring his wife to the Cohen if he suspects something. The fetus will not be born as well.

What does Mamzer mean? DOes it mean what the Rabbis say? Maybe? Maybe not? If we can't do anything to those who commit adultery certainly we wouldn't want the children to be rewarded even though they didn't do anything because it rewards the parents as well. It is sad but a reality if we can't do anything in a case like this. So not really seeing here why someone would be offended if we feel a person from this type of birth can't be part of the Jewish nation in any real way because it would encourage illicit affairs if there were no consequences to the child which would mean he couldn't get married which also is the case of other types as well which may not be their fault including a man with crushed testicals which that doesn't bother Karaites.

It would be one thing to say we don't know what Mamzer means. However, to claim that somehow punishing a child if some very evil relationship is something that is unfair really shows the Karaites to be soft on adultery which really makes me question their general motivations in their criticism of rabbis . For all the problems of the Rabbis at least they understand that something has to be done to prevent people from committing adultery since we can't do what the bible really says to men who have affairs with married women who are the wives of other men. And regardless, this is the least of a child like this in the problems they would face. Living and being the sign of a mother having an affair would make life very difficult for this child. Which is why God is so against this in my opinion. Children are at the mercy of adults and when a child is the result of violating basic trust that puts the child in much danger that God would cause the women to die if having to drink the water and had an affair rather then have this child born if she is pregnant at the time. I'm sure some would claim otherwise because of the fetus but this shows otherwise. I do wonder if in cases like they would try to find the man as well involved if this did happen.

But how could any truly Godly group go around saying this is unfair of a child being punished for the sins of the parents when sadly no one is blaming the child but the child is a reward to the parents for this terrible sin and that is the issue. Why doesn't Melech have this issue in OTHER CASES OF CHILDREN BEING PUNISHED FOR THE SINS OF THE PARETNS.

To claim Mamzer is a nation makes no logical sense on the way the word is used not in some possessive form like Mitzi or Amoni and seems again to just to have a lax view of adultery (and then can committ adultery with the woman of another man with no consequences today) and even hating Rabbis because they view it as a serious offensive with the only thing that we can do today is to not continue this line from this affair which would prevent these things from happening which in other time the child may have never been born or been raised by another culture and not by his parents because of their sins.

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