Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week in Review: Worked for a few Jewish guys in a CPA firm.

Sorry haven't blogged in about a week and a half. Last week and the week before worked for two guys who were Jewish and had a lot of tax returns of well to do Jews. Some of it they work and some of it was inherited and give money to a lot of Yeshiva's and stuff. One of the women who teaches in a Yeshiva the man doesn't work much from what I can see.

But the two bosses (one who I didn't know was Jewish) don't think liked me too much. One of the other people I spoke to told me that the bosses though can't vote Republican because they are Jewish.

I do not understand this at this point in my life. Only Repubs can hate Jews. It is silly. My own experience is those that hate Jews it actually is because of the strict things it says in the bible. I have overheard comments with people who didn't know I was Jewish. If that is the case certainly being nonreligious isn't going to make you love Jews any more. In my opinion. the so called religious that don't like Jews also they find the Hebrew bible and the 5 books of Moses too harsh to their tastes.

I guess what it is with these 2 Jewish guys even though they do the returns of these so called religious Jews they despise them. Either that or these so called religious Jews are similar in that they also feel that anyone religious is going to hurt them and if they support weird liberal causes that will protect them which sadly is pathetic they deep down they see their own religion beliefs is wacky so they have to support "wacky causes" as they think that will protect them.

At least these returns they did they seem to have their own income to support themselves and their family. In that regard they deserve credit. It certainly wasn't based on "faith" as some of these female Jewish bloggers who are just mouthpieces for some male religious leader (and basically their helpmate) that wants to keep men down and not care if they can work.

One of my bosses at this job only seems to care about certain politically correct causes and ignore the real problems. I think most abuse of boys is not sexual molestation but yet other then that you can do horrible things to boys. The reason to me seems to be that this fits their agenda that men are sex manaics more then anything and they can pretend to care about men. But when boys are mistreating in many terrible ways that are not "sexual" they couldn't care less as they don't really care and want boys to be kept down as they are afraid of any competition from other men. So mothers and fathers can do as they please to their boys and many of them do and sadly they will become themselves a very uncaring person being brought up unless they have other influences to get them off this path.

So we will see what happens. Should I call the agency to find out if they have work for me or no! Just wondering.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

RIP Robin Gibb. His most famous song staying alive.

It is sad. Needed on a lighter topic although sad. Only 62. Died of cancer. He had a very unique voice and music. Here is the lyrics to his most famous song. Actually didn't even know the words. I liked more the beat of the song then the words of the song which it was hard to understand what he was saying anyway.

The Greece Crisis. (The US not far behind)

I work for some people who are greek and on Wednesday I was reading in the Wall Street Journal about that the people kicked out both main stream parties that backed austerity measures. to cut spending and benefits. People are having their checks for the elderly being decreased as someone at work told me . Two other countries also are in serious trouble Spain and Italy. All three of these countries have very low birth rates (among other problems like in Greece having a very low age for retirement) likely due to the Nanny state which is sadly coming crashing down. It is amazing in our "modern world" how so many countries (and of different cultures) are having low birthrates that are causing their population to go down without a shot being fired and that put the elderly at risk and are bad for the economies with labor shrinking and less people less things people need.

The US is not far behind as in 10 years are budget is nothing changes will be Social Security, Medicare, and Interest and that isn't even getting into the health care bill and it's costs. Some say we could have a major crisis in 2-5 years. Our own Nanny state and people relying on the government to replace family is also reaching a point that can't continue. Even unemployment in 26 states they are in the red and borrowing from the Feds.

So what is gong to be.I really don't know. Some cultures may be taken over by other cultures that have healthier family life although may have some flaws in it but relatively better. Some European countries may be taken over by Muslims cultures who overall have more children so the economy needs them since they purchase things something that if you don't have kids you can't purchase anything. Although some Muslim countries as well birth rates are below replacement value although others are not. Who knows. I really don't know. Could you have something like the Ottoman Empire I don't know. It is crazy what is going on with the debt problems in some countries that people have to turn countries in which they are having children which you can't have an economy without children.

I also hope Israel learns from what is going on as they are socialist in some respects but being only 64 years old and some of the population recent from various immigrations they don't have a problem of programs like their version of social security going bankrupt that benefits will have to be cut 25-50% that would be very difficult. But over time they may have issues and if it did happen that most Jews did move to Israel this socialist state would have to be replaced as like in other socialist type laws they can't work for more then maybe 2 generations the most before they collapse and Israel has been helped by various immigrations from other countries at various times which has increased their labor pool that they don't have to rely only from within.  The long term survival of Israel from within would require policies that people are not overly dependent on government. The family is given the autonomy it needs which is not the case in most counties and Europe, the US, and Canada. Goes back to the ideas of the bible which are meant to protect the family unit and have laws that protect the truly vulnerable which many of the laws and ideas of the bible are meant to do just that.

So what will happen with various countries (include the US) in such severe economic straits is interesting. Something will have to change with people seeing that some of the ideas being pushed do not work. Will a country adopt laws that push a marriage that is healthy and gives some rights to the husband recognizing that this actually creates more checks and balances to the men in power who actually believe in God and not just rule over everyone like dictators then everything being decided by some men in the government or by some religious men. They see that just emasculate men that women can't have any real love and respect for them and it is hard to love someone you just say as a pushover. Anyway, just sharing out loud.

Are Karaites soft on adultery.

Which many religions sadly do seem to think adultery in the bible is just harsh and picking on women. Jesus forgave a woman that committed adultery and the Karaites have an article discussing "Mamzer as follows. Here is the link.

The article starts by saying why is God unfair by punishing the child as the child didn't do anything discussing Deutoronomy 23:3. You could make the same argument for the other passages. Why should a child be punished if his testicles are crushed. He likely didn't do this to himself. Is that fair!! Or why should the children of a nation be punished if their parents were cruel to the Jewish people. They didn't do anything. The parents did. I guess big deal. So a man doesn't have testicals. It is good for the Karaite leaders. Less competition. That is goood. But to prevent adultery that is crazy.

Marriage in America and Bachlerhood in America from colonial times

Interesting articles. Discusses the fact that marriage age for men did vary and that the age of marriage for men was sometimes delayed until they can afford to get married due to cost of living.  In 1890 it peaked at age 26 for men as they did have to put off marriage for some time after graduating high school due to cost of living and jobs. During the wars it when down to 23 as the government after the wars made it possible for men to be able to get good jobs and paid for certain items for veterans hat made this possible. Some look at what happened as the norm (after the war) but that really isn't the case studying the whole history of marriage and bachlerhood through this site that discusses the history of being a bachelor and being married in America and the conditions of different times.


To be honest this site doesn't really have answers but it is an interesting read nevertheless as nothing of the article talks about talks about the atittudes of women during that time period at least the first two parts as the third part I just glanced through. As emotionally mature men do need women to be their helpmates and if they don't want to do that it does push men to not do it. There are men who aren't married because they are doing so-so financially at best and have few connections to meet people and there are those who are just being swingers and the two aren't the same. And also just the way woman are presented in general affect the way men feel in general about getting married I would think. Men clearly are affected by women's attitudes as well which isn't discussed although I would think in most cases back them women needed to get married so it was either A. A man was not well of or B. was self centered in a bad way 

I think their idea of being a "gentlemen" is a little too much A man never being upset which there is a time to be angry and a man that seems to never gets angry about anything is certain I think a man that you should worry about. This article below was promoted by Ladies against Feminism which is how I found this site at least what they call themselves which I don't agree with what they are saying as sometimes outrage is needed and to always be civil then what is the point. Some people deserve to be treated civilly other don't and most of the women themselves are not always civil and sometimes rightfully so. To demand it of men like this is actually trying to emasculate them. That the articles by a man and woman also to me seems odd. These women like to have articles only written by women. But when it deals with male issues then you need a male and female righting together. Shows a double standard that I don't think is good as maybe articles by women also shouldn't just be written by women.  

So while this article is interestingly and I didn't know all this history not sure the site is helping to promote the fact that the ideal for a man is to be married and woman should want to be married to men that do stand for something and not for their athletic abilities or other skills when there isn't morality attached to it which does require men to stand up when they feel certain immoralities are committed and not be civil at times. Some of the hero's in Bible did things that would not be considered gentlemanly but were rewarded by God for it like Pincahs my torah portion I read when I was 13. 

The men LAF support their profession is "religion or academics"

Not men in the trenches in  any job that they create anything.

Or men that aren't even liked in their own field.  Rabbi Boteach and Dennis Prager.

This will be my last post about this in a while. I don't feel they really are doing much to help men in area's they are more vulnerable especially in terms of the fact God was concerned about men leaving the world without any decendants and they focus on women being alone but them being alone hurts men as well. Sadly most Jewish male religious leaders as well don't care much about other men so they are sort of follwing our bad example which truly understanding the laws of Moses does show that God recognizes both genders have their areas of frailties. But mostly you get that men should care about woman's vulnerabilites but woman really don't care about men's to the same degree and don't think that is a good situation.

The few men that they post as I was just gong through their site.On the Jewish side have posted Dennis Prager and Rabbi Boteach both who are not really relevant. I discussed Rabbi Boteach in the past post. This is this post.

But here is what this man really stands for.

Ladies against Feminism agree with Rabbi Boteach

Here are the main links to this post.

Also on what I wrote Susan B. Anthony which she herself said since this brought up in this Jill Stanek link above.

Why they would promote Rabbi Boteach in any way is disturbing especially with his racy views who doesn't walk the walk. The man that rights a book called Kosher Sex and everyone knows is just panderer. He had a show on WABC which was cancelled likely because of low ratings. So why promote an irrelevant man. Here is a recent link on him.

 Here,  does agree with Rabbi Boteach position on out of wedlock pregnancies that it takes two. Yes, it does take two and it is unfair to put most of the blame on the woman but who does Jeannie and Rabbi Boteach want to blame if the women doesn't want to reveal who the man is Of course the man can in some cases let it be known but some of the woman's friends may also not care and keep it a secret. So of course the woman is more to blame in a case like this. In fact the bible says in19:29 Leviticus do not profone your daughter to make her a harlot less the land become lewd and filled with depravity

  So if anything here it almost as if they are apologizing for the bible for picking on women as it is dong in this case. If a woman doesn't know or care who the father is she deserves the blame for that.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Loose Kannon and his take on Romney.

Good point here. This prank which is worse then what other people did when they were 18 but his point is a good one. How could Romney not remember it?? Yes, we all change but the fact he claims he didn't remember it is likely not true as he how could you forget this.

Like I said I rebelled at about 20 and didn't know what I was doing but I do remember it as at this point in my life I am nothing like I was when I was 20. Anywhere here is the link which is the podcast on wall street in which he starts by discussing Romney as I just saw this as I am downloading my MP3 with some podcasts as I am going to exercise.

I guess I will still vote for Romeny as the lesser of two evils although I really don't like him but he is slightly better then Obama from what I know of Obama unless somehow Obama has a change of heart which I don't see based on the position he is in.


Jeremiah Wright: The Pastor of Obama for 20 years.

They are talking about Romney and that as an 18 year old he bullied another kid who may have been gay although he didn't know that at the time.

Not sure why this is so important as I had problems in my early 20's and have changed a lot in the last 15 years and what someone does at 18 really is only an issue if somehow hasn't grown up since then. I am not crazy about Romney but of all things this isn't such a big deal.

However, of more recent issue is the fact Obama went to a church for 20 years with a preacher who promoted racism and also sided with the Palestianians and says we supported terrorism against them. He also made this speech right after 9/11 in which he believes America "deserved" 9/11. Why would Obama go to a church for 20 years and we shouldn't worry that he doesn't think well of America and his policies are to hurt this country. In addition that fact that has pastor hated Jews so much also should be of concern to those who are Jewish which I am. Anyway here is  a video on you tube of his Pastor and this first  speech when you click on it is right after 9/11.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hebron Fund honors women in Hebron who hate our Matriarch Sarah.

This is what they say in the letter they send. we celebrate the anniversary of our return to Hevron Proper in 1980 when 10 courageous women took their children and settled in Beit Hadassah:.
Read on.

As they insult Sarah a woman who was both beautiful on the inside and the outside.
What can be done about this. I refuse to give a penny to the Hebron Fund because of this because we don't need feminism in Hevron. The President Teddy Pollak as well is my fathers first cousin and don't think him and his wife are good people from my own experience. I did write to Hebron Fund about this above trying to find out more info and my concerns and they never wrote back.

This is dangerous though to have this ideology in Hebron.  For many reasons as whether we like it or not it is the place where the great greandfather of both Jews and Arabs is buried.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Draft reform sparks fears in Haredi communities. Thought in general on the Israel military.

Full disclosure. That I am nearsided and here in the US have never served in any military capacity although I would like to at least reduce my nearsidedness.

Interesting You Tube video on decline of the West.

This person mentions the issue of feminism and the decline of marriage. Escpecially with what is going on in Europe which the Nanny state among other issues is bankrupting countries.

Which by the way is not to blame women. As many men (myself very much included) were brainwashed by feminism and thought about this (while neglecting realizing I would have to work hard to get ahead) and didn't even have a job with above $10 an hour until I was 27  and as a result didn't realize how hard it is to make a living to at least maybe contribute at least 65% of the finances in a family which is likely needed due to the others roles a woman would need to do.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mrs. Anna response on Matriarchal lineage and her sad family life growing up.

Continuing the previous post and what she wrote back.

From Mrs. Anna
"Second, I really wish I had a father, and that my father was a Jew. I wish I had grown in a normal family. Halacha rules that yes, a Jewish woman's children are Jewish no matter what, but if she has children with a non-Jew, most likely her children won't grow up practising Judaism, and her grandchildren are likely not to be Jews at all. So if she thinks she can raise Jewish children in a goyish environment, she is deluding herself."

She is mostly repeating the male Rabbinic dogma and puting her own self interest above what is good for the Israelite people as this isn't good for us as this does create those who hate our God (or without even knowing it then pushing the ideas of their father their mother learned to attract a man from another religion)  and become a 5th column that I have heard repeated by other women. Her response though is incomplete is if a female child doesn't end up practicing Judaism (and what about a male child) which is what happens in most cases. and she marries and has another daughter it is very possible that yes she doesn't practice Judaism but she is according to the Rabbis Jewish and therefore as a Jew can make Aliyah and claim to speak for Jews. I have seen first hand that some women know is and use this to try to bring Christianity to Israel or use this in the workplace in America to go after Jewish people with the fact they are Jewish. So Mrs. Anna is deluding herself to think this issue doesn't create a very likely 5th column to develop through this absurd rule. It also shows her putting her own self interest above what is good for the Jewish people and refusing to this that this does encourage women to marry any man and causes exactly the kind kind of environment Mrs. Anna grew up in. She will defend the position of Polygamy in theory and talk about how this idea of prohibiting was not biblical but when it comes to this she refuses to admit that this idea has no biblical basis as well. 

Someone who is concerned about feminism should recognize as classic feminism

Mrs. Anna of Domestic Felicity doesn't want her husband to have any public role.

And claims she is only being her helpmate in supporting what he wants. That is what he wants. If her husband wanted to turn a light on the Sabbath would Mrs. Anna say the same thing. I am just being his helpmate. Here is the first part of the latter addressing this.

Hi Adam,

I'm currently not at leisure to discuss every point you brought up here, so I'll address just what I can right now.

First, about my husband. You keep saying my husband ought to take on a "more public role" - whatever it is. But shouldn't this be about what HE wants? I am his wife; I go along with his plans, his hopes and projects. And I assure you my husband has not the smallest inclination for public life.

It isn't even normal for a man not to want to share with others and reach out to others but she likes men to be socially undeveloped. How can he make a leaving in a decent way if he doesn't want to do anything to reach out to others or makes them this claim he doesn't want to . He must have learned to get ahead don't help others especially men since that don't want give you job security. And Mrs. Anna supports that. As she doesn't care. Only women matter to Mrs. Anna when it really comes down to it and men are to blame for everything. If they don't work because their mothers and their community don't help them and the women do and then complained they are worn out the man is somehow to blame for all this and the women victims even though married a man not wanting him to work and not have any role.  It is just disgusting.

Obama Civilian Security Force.

Here is Obama during the 2008 election suggestion that we need a civilian security force. Meaning he wants his own military which you have to ask why. As it shows he doesn't trust the actual military.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Islam as in other organized religion that undermine men that think and question.

This is what I am finding (working in an office that the owner is Egyptian Arab and practices Islam although his own identity I don't think is based on that although I don't think anybody of any religion is) and to be fair in some ways they aren't as bad as Christianity which is maybe why overall have much higher birthrates then Christian countries. But regardless, organized religion is terrified of men that use logic because Islam as in other organized religions they make rules that are open to question as to why should we do this. How does this make society better and us contributing to making the society better.

Christianity of course any intelligent man has to ask why any man should be God. Some women question it as well but less do then men and women always have some men (it is their nature) they want to be the helpmate of. It shouldn't be some mythical man though. Same in Islam if they question Mohammed or question some of their rules which also don't make people better (for example fasting 30 days during the day.) It just makes you weak.

Why do I say this? 

Last week over the weekend when no one else was around he tells me that "the girls" saw that I poured water in my own cup and then into the coffee pot we have. Which to begin with is not a big deal and I think it was that the water was very hot and it was to cool it off a little as I usually pour it straight in. This may have happened when this woman was there as I was asking if someone else wanted which if it happened then that is really pathetic to be so petty like this when I was trying to be considerate which shows that actually they view cleanliness even more important then how they treat another human being . If you think it is such a big deal you would tell me. Not then tell all the other "girls' and then tell the boss which to be fair my boss obviously didn't want to tell me who said this and I hope it was just one person. But these "girls' as my boss sometimes calls them have been working for him for a while so it just seems a little over the top. He could have just said one girl.  If you have a problem just pour it out if you saw I did it because the water was hot. The assumption of course if that I am just a dirty man which they like to hear based on their own envy of the opposite gender which is why they made such an issue of something so minor. Which is their attitude towards men and especially men that they feel envious of for one reason or another and this has been the atmosphere in this place for a while as I am the only non Muslim man there although they have women from other backgrounds although actually I think it has become a little better but I can tell this was the atmosphere for a while.

The men's restroom: Sit down for purification reasons. 

 In addition to that my boss actually has in the men's restroom which is just for men that when going to the rest room we should sit down rather then stand because of purification reasons. It seems to me it is more about making men sit down because women have to. If God felt this was unhealthy he wouldn't have created men this way that they can  This is pure envy politics being played to. This is a guy who does go to a Mosque (which it is his right) so you have to think in there religion the male religious leaders play to gender warfare and men that go alone with trying to make other men equal to women by making them doing silly things like this are the ones who are most likely to be involved.

This mentality though does not make women happy.

It will just cause them to always look at what men and what other have in general. Which is one of the basic commands in the bible. Thou shall not be envious of another his property, his wife, etc. This applies to women as well obviously as just like men they are tempted to violate what God has said but by disobeying God they will be unhappy because God knows better then them what will make them happy.