Sunday, April 22, 2012

The wise son and the wicked son.

I have another post about the wicked son and labeling children as good or evil which it is a little too early to know IMO. But anyway.

This question was mentioned at the Seder of my relative. Why the wise and wicked son. Why not the righteous and wicked son.

So what is the answer? Sad to say but that is the mentality of Rabbinic Judaism. To try to be "smart". Sadly though being "smart" doesn't mean being moral and righteous. A person can be smart and his use intelligence (and there are different types of intelligence)  in a bad way. But being smart does not make you a "righteous person" any more then being dumb makes you an evil person.

I see this mentality sadly among some Religious Jews that follow Rabbis that their claim is how "smart" the Rabbi is. But that doesn't make him a moral person in addition to other problems with this kind of focus.

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