Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tax season is over. Yay. Now what.

Tuesday was the due date for taxes and the week before I had worked 82 hours. Now it is over and this week get some needed rest. Now I can blog again, too. Yay!!! I'm back blogging too.

The question is now what?? The two jobs I may have some part time work but not full time. Got some good experience but it is tough market still. At least I will have time to blog on the weekends now about what is on my mind.

Anyone with suggestions or whatever. I have to go back and start sending resume's again. Have been thinking of making Aliyah as well. That will be mentioned in another post.

Anyway hello to everyone who reads my blog and happy to be back blogging and expressing some of my own experiences and would love if anyone can comment on anything that I write that they feel adds to the post or something I didn't see.

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