Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nehemiah Gordon is attracting women who want to harm Jewish men.

Update: This same person by the way started to somehow claim the Jews deserved a holocaust because they didn't move to Israel because some maybe could. Which how could anyone who cares about the Jewish people say that. She sounds like an open bigot that Jews can't live anywhere if they are in exile for whatever reason.

Update 2: Also wanted to say this woman copies the while male (who like to kiss up to women and minorities for his personal gain)  NG's playbook of anytime anyone criticizes them think it is inappropriate even if it is legit.
So both are bad.

It is funny to me how Nehemia Gordon is attracting Christian women who don't even believe in the Bibles idea of Patralineal lineage. And then they go on forums claiming THEY BELIEVE in Matralineal lineage. They aren't even Jewish. And then if you criticize the women they snitch to Facebook. They hate Jewish men with all their heart and soul. Just like Pharoh who just wanted to kill Jewish males.  Why does it matter to them who is Jewish if they aren't Jewish? Rabbis at least most of them have sense not to do this. Obviously I think they want to undermine Jewish men through this rule They don't believe Jewish men have any rights to their own opinions. They hate God with all their heart and soul to have that attitude. Who are they? They take the same approach to God's torah. They pick what THEY BELIEVE. God answers to them not the other way around and anyone who doesn't agree with them including God should just shut up as they will only post what suits their agenda. This is just terrible.

They are open Christian Anti-Semites. NG like other male religious leaders like to hide behind women and doesn't realize they danger he is putting everyone including himself by the way as some of these Jewish men with all their heart and just see them as pawns for their own selfish agenda. They openly hate everything the bible says and only use it for their own selfish purpose.

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