Sunday, April 22, 2012

Last week was Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Remembrance day)

6 milllion men, women, and children were murdered and 30 million others also died during the war some murdered and some in WWII.

The question of course is why would God let it happen? Some would say God is not omnipotenet. That is the Michael Savage view. Others have their own pet reason. Jews didn't move to Israel (Kahanist position and Melech's Position who is a Karaite). The problem with that is it doesn't seem like a loving God would let children die becaue their parents didn't want to move to Israel and on top of that God promises us that we will gather us from the 4 corners of the earth when we turn back to him. Deutoronomy 30:2-4. And you and your children heed his command with all your heart and soul just as I enjoin upon you on  this day 3. then the Lord your God will bring back your captivity which God has scattered you. 4. Even if your outcasts are at the end of the world from there the Lord your God will gather you and from there he will take you.

So clearly we do need some of God's help although God through natural events help us gather there but our first goal is to FOLLOW GOD and then God will help us not the other way around. Yes we can't do it perfectly outside of Israel but God just wants us to be sincere in doing what we can with all our heart and all our soul 30:2.  But to just focus on moving to Israel when not following the torah with all you heart and soul God would not be impressed from reading scripture it seems to me.

And this idea it just happened doesn't work because this is the same God that took the Israelites out of Egypt so how could God let them just be murdered like this if we truly are the one's God created a contract that can never be broken.

The bible both on Leviticus Chapter 25 and Deutoronomy 28 do promise curses if we do not follow God and that God will treat us the same way we treat him since we ignore God, God will ignore us. But still. God lets worse people kill us. A nation that shows no respect to the elderly or mercy to the young (28:50) Which sadly did happen. Why let a more evil nation do this?

What kind of God is this?? But further God gives what happens if we truly follow the torah. And God says that if we truly follow the laws God made that other nation will revere us 28:10 and of course 28:47 because you did not serve God your lord in you and gladness over the abundance of everything. Of course some distort this into being happy go lucky and sort of fake happiness. But I think the passage is suggesting that the ways of God are pleasant and beautiful that gives a sense of purpose and fairness that would attract others to our way of live and bring a blessing to God and the ways of God. However, when it doesn't really follow the laws and give lip service and make up our own laws we make God look bad and others conclude that God is bad and crazy and then turn to other ideas which in the end of course have their own problems.

So being part of this contract that God gave is a big responsibility. And properly following the way of God would have a big impact on society and the world. And by Jews not following this they are at the end embarrassing God to which God has to avenge this. And God does show by letting other nations do cruel thinks to us and to children as well sadly who don't deserve it. I guess the only reason God would let this happen is in my view if that we ourselves didn't care about the needs of "other children" which by following the torah it does protect the most vulnerable and dependent in society which are children. That is what  I have to say on this topic.

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