Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jewish Quarterly Bible has post on Matrilineal lineage and that the Persians approved.

The Article Title is Ezra's Radical Solution to Judean Assimilation.

Which this article proves that even Rabbis admit that this was a change and not part of the five books of Moses. As clearly they want by paternal lineage. But that the Rabbis had the right to change it but that is suggesting that God's rules were oppressive to women and the Rabbis have more compassion to women then God does.

But anyway it is an interesting read. Sadly the Rabbi are only focused well the men may do this or the men may do that but by switching up what about women now deciding you know what it would be easier for me to marry a non-Jewish man because Jewish men are oppressed too much. That they never thought about.


Ezra was close to the Persian king according to this article and it is possible part of his decisions were actually to appease the king more then what was good for the Jewish people.

From this article, "Jewish Matrilineal lineage descent in Judah would foster a sense of ethnic purity that would also please Persian leaders interested in ethnic divisions as noted above". MY RESPONSE.

Huh? How would that not prevent Jewish women to not be seduced by Persian men and then they can say well who cares my kid will be Jewish anyway and these men are more connected.

One comment I agree with is YES IT WOULD PLEASE PERSIAN LEADERS. Because it undermines Jewish men. Pharoh just wanted to kill Jewish boys and let the girls live. Of course they are happy with this because it undermines Jewish men and they are free to seduce Jewish woman and their kid can be Jewish and then be used as someone Jewish to undermine Jews. The boys would likely associate with the father who is not Jewish and the girls would be very disrespectful to any culture because their mother taught them you don't have to be respectful to  the fathers culture. They can mix and match cultures because it doesn't matter to them. And they will end up hating the Jewish religion the most the girls because the bible is just too patriarchal much more then Christianity and other religions or whatever religion was practiced in Persia.

So yes, of course Persia was happy with this idea!!! It was a good way to undermine the Jewish people by women marrying Persian men and their children being considered Jewish even though they likely will not like the Jewish people and the Jewish religion which you end up seeing in both genders. The women because it doesn't fit their mothers feminism as much as other religions do. And the men because their father isn't Jewish.

But this is the history of it. It was to APPEASE A FOREIGN KING.

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