Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Passover to everyone!

At sundown tonight is the first night of Passover. The day is the same this year for both Rabbinic and Karaite Jews who base it on the real date of the new moon while the Rabbi manipulate the calender so Passover never starts on Friday. Image from

At this point I try to follow the five books of Moses and have done this through being a social person as being one man like anyone else I have some biases and conflicts of interest like anyone else but when people mention to me similar idea's or criticism of either Rabbinic or Karaite male religious leaders idea's in a certain area based on how it doesn't make sense from what the bible says then this helps me on my journey. Sadly both groups in many ways don't care much for the man that isn't in religion for a career and the torah really did give some rights to men in general and in both cases I don't think it is men who have picked these men to lead them in any way.

Anyway, both tomorrow and Friday are days we are not suppose to do work. In addition any grain that can leaven and become bread can't be eaten in that form. Beans that can't become bread can be eaten at least according to Sephardic Jews. It sounds they are correct in this regard from studies of beans.

The reasoning for this as God does not need us to suffer just to suffer and this is false piety in general to just suffer just for the sake of suffering is that God took us out of Egypt on his timetable and we didn't even have time to make bread as we had to leave in haste.  In our situation it wasn't a rebellion as we were completely saved by God. This also establishing our relationship with God due to the fact we all our existence 100% towards God as if God didn't take us out we would not be here today and we did nothing on our own to get out of Egypt. And as well in order for us to have God on our side we have to follow what God wants.

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