Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DNA of Europe's Jews who live there during the exile

Very interesting. Posted once before. The DNA shows 80% of Europe's Jews on the father side traces to the Middle East but on the Mother side it traces back to Europe and a strong minority traces back to the Middle East. Which would mean according to the rules of the Rabbis most Jews from Europe are not Jews by Matrilinael lineage. By the bible rules which are God's rules it isn't a problem as Jews are traced from the fathers line. According to this speaker Jews who found work in parts of Europe ending up taking local wives who were European but they did raise their kids Jewish and integrated into the culture. This is one reasons Rabbis like other religious leaders do not want any genetic testing because it doesn't fit their dogma and their idea would be exposed as the Rabbis themselves may not even be Jewish according to their rules. Sadly Jewish religious leaders like all other religious leaders have tried to make up their own rules but in the end God's rules end up winning.

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philmwri said...

That's really suprising that the Ashkenazim have so much European female DNA.That would probably explain many of their appearances.

I'm sure they don't like the results of this study.I wonder what any rabbis have to say about it.I also wonder what percent of Sephardim have maternal non-jewish DNA in comparison to the Ashkenazim.I think all this does is prove that the written torah says lineage is traced through the father.