Monday, April 30, 2012

Cousin couldn't get a job in computer science. Now he is studying to be a Rabbi and therapist.

So basically my cousin is becoming a Rabbi simply because he can't get a job in a field that I think there are jobs. Computer science.

Which is pathetic as the most basic function of a man is to work and provide a service for others which I guess my cousin couldn't do. That would make HIM THE LEAST FIT TO BE SOME RELIGIOUS LEADER in my opinion. A true religious leader is someone that would not be intimidated by men MORE TALENTED THEN THEY ARE. Sadly in my cousins case I suspect very much it is based on his lack of skills and being able to get a job and he already in other decisions marriage and which isn't in his control but the fact he is the youngest with 2 older sisters that he hides behind women to put down men more skilled then he is from what I can see.

If my cousin is reading this (which I doubt) I am wrong here?

For anyone else. Do you think someone who can't get a job in an area that he studied and has jobs should be able to become a Rabbi instead when this is based simply on needing money for themselves which they couldn't do in the private sector.


philmwri said...

Has your cousin always wanted to be a rabbi or is he just doing it because of not being able to find jobs in what his degree is in?

What branch of Judaism is he trying to be a rabbi in? Orthodox Rabbis have to go through years of training.

If he is a compassionate person then he may be an excllent rabbi.Did he get his degree and figure out that field wasn't for him? That happens all the time.

Your cousin may not be hiding behind women he may just have self esteem issues.I don't know him but I pray that his ministry as a rabbi wll be successful for him.

Analytical Adam said...

All I can say is his LinkedIn use to say aspiring programmer. Not he is an aspiring Rabbi and Therapist.

Not sure what you mean by being compationate because that is not enough. Because how can have empathize with men that are struggling in the private sector and working hard when he decided that wasn't for him in a field computer science that is a good field and he was studying hard for. So I do think he would feel jealous of men who work hard and have some value in the private secotor. Of course he will frame it in another way that he is "protecting women" but the reality is he is jealous of other men and has learned that this playikng to gender politics work.

Analytical Adam said...

In addition, he did marry a women who is the oldest daughter of a Rabbi who is involved with feminist causes. Think they are still married but don't know. But if they are not maybe that is another reason is getting back at men since I complained about it.

Self Esteem Issues??? Self Esteem is dangerous and in fact leads to men (and women) becoming bullies. People in life who develop confience based on OTHERS RESPONSE TO THEM that is heatlhy. That is NOT SELF ESTEEM. THat is confidence based on other people, not "yourself". In fact to just to tell yourself you are great or good at something doesn't make it so and when people react differently then your own claims based on nothing but yourself you may get angry and upset as they don't think you are as smart as you think or as ethical as you tell yourself. or whatever. Or as modest which cracks me up as you tell yourself. Tell yourself you are modest.