Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The black and white twins turn 7.

Very interesting. They are twins. One has blond hair and light skin the other very dark skin. This is owing to the fact that both parents have black fathers and white mothers. They were born a minute apart. It is interesting as I admit don't know how the genes of skin color work and it is possible for two siblings to be of very different skin color as is the case here. In fact in some countries they would snatch a child from a home like this because it doesn't fit their own racist views.

It certainly opened up my eyes to read this article. I pray that neither of these children are made to feel like outcasts because of them being twins having different skin colors. They belong to the same parents. In fact both parents had fathers that were considered African American by their skin color for good or for bad.
Sadly in some cultures just because you look too different you are considered an outcast even though other may have also married from other cultures but look superficially similar. Even if they marry a woman who respects the husbands culture and not trying to undermine it with a clueless man  but if they look too different well that is too bad.

Here is the photo from this article and here is the link from the dailymail.

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