Monday, April 30, 2012

Another couple that if you look deeper are actually attacking men and their role.

I admit this is somewhat of a rant so sorry.

Which yes Feminism in all area's was usually started by lawless men who because know one respected them wanted to undermine other men to get back at them. You have some husband-wife teams who sadly have on the surface fairly normal male female roles but if you scratch the surface and look the person up you will find out the man is very vain and lawless which how can a woman respect this but why did she marry him in the first place when it is pretty obvious of what the person is and the woman also if you scratch the surface wants to promote very radical ideas and hatred towards men and never wants to do anything to HELP MEN WHICH IS NOT NORMAL. Most decent women enjoy helping men in general. Not puting them down and wanting take away roles they have and never listening to what they have to say unless they worship some male religious leader as they as man are garbage unless they are a slave to a male religious leader.

Although the most recent article was pretty good but most of this blog is offensive to me and sadly is the product of a woman marrying a man that can't take criticism and is not respected by other men and as a result he wants to change the bible to get back at other men and make sure women don't respect them since men don't respect him. And a woman can't respect a man like this but she is not a victim as in most cases a woman can try to test a man's character and some women are attracted to the wrong kind of man. I don't see nubile women of childbearing age as victims and I don't see the bible seeing them as victims either.

SILVER TRUMPETS which has a post on WOMENS RIGHTS  sad to say doesn't care much about the bible with few exceptions and they hate other men . And to be honest the wife is more of a helpmate of Meir Rekhavi then her husband who she can't be the helpmate to a man that is so arrogant and thinks he knows what the bible says and is angry if another man's wife listens to her husband WHICH THIS CREEP IS BOTHERED BY IF A WOMAN LISTENS TO HER HUSBAND THAT MAKES HER A FANATIC This guy claim he is a biblical Jew this freaking liar.  which is sick and disgusting and shows his envy to another man's wife which the bible does say. A woman is suppose to marry a man she trusts and in  a healthy relationship a woman . Sadly some of these women that marry bad man are all having these blogs of staying at home and raise children and are full of hatred for men in general  for their bad decisions of marrying very arrogant lawless men who do everything they can to make sure men other men can't get married.  . It is frightening to me. The women can't respect men like this but don't TWIST THE BIBLE BECAUSE OF YOUR BAD DECISIONS. That is taking God's name in vain in my opinion.

This is now the second Karaite couple that the women superficially plays the role of a woman but they are married to men that are not very moral and this in the end pushes their own views to hate men as well and to be fair their own distorted views of men caused them to marry men like this in the first place which many of them continue to him and distort the bible as well and then worship Deborah and miss the point about this story anyway. They would have hated Issiah who criticized Jews for being ruled by women.

I was taking a look at this site called Silver Trumpets. Which claims they follow Tanach but this guy spens a whole post having a problem with the idea of a woman listening to her husband. And every story is the man is bad and wayward and the woman is a victim. And any time the man dies or is incapitacited then the women should take over. What kind of man talks like this. He seems to have a problem with the male role and does have a problem with the bible. He also says that his role is just provider and protector while the womans role is manager and nurturer. Which I have seen this guy on Facebook. He will do immoral things to support a wife and yes he benefits from children that have problems and helping speical needs. NO wonder he want to ruin another man's marriage. More children with problems. Gives him him more work. No wonder he sees other men is wayward and bad all the time because
 what decent man would like this creep. He does not understand basic male and female and the  dynamics of it. HE IS A LIAR because he sees in any relationship the woman is a victim and the man is bad which a martian would think woman must be some sort of very inferior creature for this to be the case and it can't be dynamic if the man is always the bad guy and the woman the victim of this terrible men.

But because of this he wants to claim the bible itself is dogmatic. HE IS A LIAR AND SO IS HIS WIFE. I suspect they only use the bible to hurt others as I see from reading many articles there is starts good but in most cases after that they start saying that I scratch my head and make no sense and is saying that this isn't relevant anymore or this part of the bible is just

He also has said he would committ violence to anyone who says that he supports immoral woman. Well maybe that is true. But I guess the truth hurts so he will beat the person up. Yet you have women like this playing the traditional woman married to men like this and these women are not traditional at all because traditional women don't marry men like this in the first place.

No wonder some women find something wrong with these overly seemingly religious women that pretend to be normal women just staying at home raising children when they pick up some very bad vibes which the first part there is nothing wrong with but for God sakes try to marry a decent guy and dont' defend Rabbis or male religious leaders who are doing everything they can to undermine decent men.

.This he also said  "placing her in a slightly submissive position" He has a problem with the biblical view of male-female relations trying to apologize for God saying that a man will rule over her. Woman in the end will submit to some man anyway. Better her husband then some male religious leader or man in the government that has few checks on his power. It is what it is. THis man obviously distrusts other man obviously because most men likely distrust him. 

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