Sunday, April 22, 2012

Annoyed about my sister and liking shows that bash men.

As her older brother it does offend me although I am not suprised since growing up my sister saw me not being treated very well. Although it is terrible since she knows her older brother is struggling somewhat although I get work and have to work but don't get many vacations or benefits at this point. But I guess hiding behind women being victims is better for her own career which who knows what will be in health care and she is involved promoting many government products so if it wasn't for men paying a lot of taxes she wouldn't even have her job.

But anyway. She is only one of four friends that like the show mad men. According to Wikipedia it shows that most men in the 60's who got ahead weren't very moral but also for a woman to get ahead they have to be pretty. Which it is sad for women to be using their looks to get ahead in the job world which their looks are going to fade anyway and just for a job. It is is pathetic. Women used to look good to try to attract a good man to get married to now they do it for some job. The benefits for this are much less then getting married and having a family of your own.

But this is my family. My mother use to watch sex and the city with my sister and while I struggle they don't care because some other men out there makes more money then my sister. Envy at its very worst to the point that your own flesh and blood doesn't matter to you. My sister always seems to want to believe horrible things about ALL MEN and it is terrible. She is fairly attractive but what man isn't going to see her attitude which is one of those things that men are going to run and see she isn't suitable as a wife. Any decent man would draw that conclusion. Only some kind of low level man would just care about my sisters looks but not care about her attitude since the emotional part of a relationship (which is the most important part for true love between a man and a woman) doesn't matter to him because he would just see a woman as to fulfill his sexual pleasures.

It is not even normal. And then acting like other women you work with are my girls. I don't know what to say anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

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