Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Again, the problem of Matralineal lineage surfaces again.

A woman pushing this that doesn't believe in free speech for Jewish men (as she snitched to Facebook because I said what she didn't want to hear and what she "believes in" which to her is everything as she is very egocentric as what her heart wants means everything)  actually belongs to a Church (which OK but then don't think you can tell Jewish  people what to do and claim you are Jewish)  but uses that some woman of hers was Jewish to push her own agendas and push Matralineal lineage!!! Could you believe that. She herself doesn't even practice Judaism uses the Rabbis (and their claim of Matralineal lineage which is not biblical nor does the DNA support this when studying Europeon Jews) to force Christianity on them and then wants to claim Matralineal lineage is good because each side makes an "equal contribution" which that isn't even the issue and is purely the religion of feminism and envy of men and she herself shows why it is unnatural and dangerous.She uses Nehemiah Gordon as well when this suits her agenda to claim J was the first Karaite even though she hates Karaite Jews because they don't believe in Jesus. She also thinks Issac was the first Jew because of the fact that Sarah give birth when she was old bases it on this miracle birth theory which is a Christian claim to Jesus but that isn't how the Jewish bible works to base something on a miracle. So everything to her is based on being brought up as a Christian. She just hides behind Jewish men that she overall doesn't agree with which is just disgusting and what Jew haters do. Just as those who hate Israel hide behind a Jew who is against Israel even though they despise this person in every way regardless.

 This is what usually happens in these situations as Christianity appeals to feminism more then the Rabbis do (as Jesus believed one who even looks at a woman is committing adultery and blaming it 100% on the man regardless of a woman trying to get a man's attention) which is what their mother taught as they marry a man from another culture and don't respect it which their daughters learn to disrespect other cultures from their own creepy anti-biblical mother which this woman is dong. She even uses the creep Nemehiah Gordon even though she doesn't believe in the Karaites view of Patralineal lineage but uses him to try to make herself legit (believing that Jesus was a Karaite) to tell Jews who believe in their God what to do.  She even believes the holocaust should have happened because Jews didn't move to Israel or could be as she said when I posted my previous post on this and how I disagree with that position.

So this is what Matralineal lineage is creating. Women who practice other religions and a few of them just hide behind men just to push their own agenda as this women hides behind Rabbis and Nehemia Gordon for various reasons but when it doesn't suit her agenda she ignores them and thinks she is Jewish and have the right to dictate to Jews what to do.

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