Sunday, April 22, 2012

840,000 children in Israel go to bed hungry according to Meir Panim

Our of 2 million. Is this true or just numbers based on using a faulty method to come up with it so we can give to their organization. If it is true that is very disturbing and as that would be almost 41% of the total child population. To be honest, I have trouble believing this is true but maybe if it is. Could someone inform  me on this. Yes, some do suffer hunger but to this extent. What sickens me also is this group talking about WIPING OUT ALL HUNGER which the bible says some will be struggling and may need help.. How about getting this to a much smaller percent. To want to go from 41% to 0% is not realistic or a group that shows true concern about trying to solve this problem but just demanding money. Shouldn't we have the right that with this money they get this let us say lowered by 5% or something. It isn't going to go to zero.

 If it is true it shows an economy of have and have nots and maybe the Israeli economy like other hybrid economies that are sadly overall a little too socialistic and too government controlled that in the end hurt the private sector and only help a small number who have government jobs with bloated benefits. In stead of making a pledge "To end all hunger" which by uttering these words is not going to magically change this how about trying to analyze the causes. Is it children from broken families. is it too high taxation that leave less money to hire people for jobs, over regulation that gives those who are disadvantaged less of a chance discrimination towards men over women and arabs and other minorities. That would help more then just empty words. That is what I think. Many of the equality laws the true effect is just lowering men salaries that they can't afford to support a family as to promote equality you have to bring men wages down to those of women and minorities and not try to help them be able to provide through a job.

So does anyone about hunger in Israel. Does this sound right to you. 41%. 840,000 children out of 2 million. If it is true that is horrible and doesn't make Israel to be a good country with that many children hungry. Or is Meir Panim exaggerating these number to get contributions which if true is disgusting. At this point I am not too thrilled with this group as I think they themselves want people dependent on their services and really don't want people to be independent because then they can't go asking for money.

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