Monday, April 30, 2012

Another couple that if you look deeper are actually attacking men and their role.

I admit this is somewhat of a rant so sorry.

Which yes Feminism in all area's was usually started by lawless men who because know one respected them wanted to undermine other men to get back at them. You have some husband-wife teams who sadly have on the surface fairly normal male female roles but if you scratch the surface and look the person up you will find out the man is very vain and lawless which how can a woman respect this but why did she marry him in the first place when it is pretty obvious of what the person is and the woman also if you scratch the surface wants to promote very radical ideas and hatred towards men and never wants to do anything to HELP MEN WHICH IS NOT NORMAL. Most decent women enjoy helping men in general. Not puting them down and wanting take away roles they have and never listening to what they have to say unless they worship some male religious leader as they as man are garbage unless they are a slave to a male religious leader.

Cousin couldn't get a job in computer science. Now he is studying to be a Rabbi and therapist.

So basically my cousin is becoming a Rabbi simply because he can't get a job in a field that I think there are jobs. Computer science.

Which is pathetic as the most basic function of a man is to work and provide a service for others which I guess my cousin couldn't do. That would make HIM THE LEAST FIT TO BE SOME RELIGIOUS LEADER in my opinion. A true religious leader is someone that would not be intimidated by men MORE TALENTED THEN THEY ARE. Sadly in my cousins case I suspect very much it is based on his lack of skills and being able to get a job and he already in other decisions marriage and which isn't in his control but the fact he is the youngest with 2 older sisters that he hides behind women to put down men more skilled then he is from what I can see.

If my cousin is reading this (which I doubt) I am wrong here?

For anyone else. Do you think someone who can't get a job in an area that he studied and has jobs should be able to become a Rabbi instead when this is based simply on needing money for themselves which they couldn't do in the private sector.

Tomorrow is May Day.

I hope that there is no disruptions but these people that claim to be against the 1%. Which is utter nonsense because they are disrupting those who are not by doing this. They want so called "equality" which means that they are jealous of anyone who actually works. It is one thing if you feel no one is giving you a chance but that is not what this is about. Of course equality will only be reached when no one is allowed to use any skill they have. Of course you need some vicious leader to enforce this which is why men who don't respect the rule of law and are lawless find this a good thing to hide behind because they can then use this as an excuse to steal from anyone.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DNA of Europe's Jews who live there during the exile

Very interesting. Posted once before. The DNA shows 80% of Europe's Jews on the father side traces to the Middle East but on the Mother side it traces back to Europe and a strong minority traces back to the Middle East. Which would mean according to the rules of the Rabbis most Jews from Europe are not Jews by Matrilinael lineage. By the bible rules which are God's rules it isn't a problem as Jews are traced from the fathers line. According to this speaker Jews who found work in parts of Europe ending up taking local wives who were European but they did raise their kids Jewish and integrated into the culture. This is one reasons Rabbis like other religious leaders do not want any genetic testing because it doesn't fit their dogma and their idea would be exposed as the Rabbis themselves may not even be Jewish according to their rules. Sadly Jewish religious leaders like all other religious leaders have tried to make up their own rules but in the end God's rules end up winning.

Jewish Quarterly Bible has post on Matrilineal lineage and that the Persians approved.

The Article Title is Ezra's Radical Solution to Judean Assimilation.

Which this article proves that even Rabbis admit that this was a change and not part of the five books of Moses. As clearly they want by paternal lineage. But that the Rabbis had the right to change it but that is suggesting that God's rules were oppressive to women and the Rabbis have more compassion to women then God does.

But anyway it is an interesting read. Sadly the Rabbi are only focused well the men may do this or the men may do that but by switching up what about women now deciding you know what it would be easier for me to marry a non-Jewish man because Jewish men are oppressed too much. That they never thought about.


Ezra was close to the Persian king according to this article and it is possible part of his decisions were actually to appease the king more then what was good for the Jewish people.

From this article, "Jewish Matrilineal lineage descent in Judah would foster a sense of ethnic purity that would also please Persian leaders interested in ethnic divisions as noted above". MY RESPONSE.

Huh? How would that not prevent Jewish women to not be seduced by Persian men and then they can say well who cares my kid will be Jewish anyway and these men are more connected.

One comment I agree with is YES IT WOULD PLEASE PERSIAN LEADERS. Because it undermines Jewish men. Pharoh just wanted to kill Jewish boys and let the girls live. Of course they are happy with this because it undermines Jewish men and they are free to seduce Jewish woman and their kid can be Jewish and then be used as someone Jewish to undermine Jews. The boys would likely associate with the father who is not Jewish and the girls would be very disrespectful to any culture because their mother taught them you don't have to be respectful to  the fathers culture. They can mix and match cultures because it doesn't matter to them. And they will end up hating the Jewish religion the most the girls because the bible is just too patriarchal much more then Christianity and other religions or whatever religion was practiced in Persia.

So yes, of course Persia was happy with this idea!!! It was a good way to undermine the Jewish people by women marrying Persian men and their children being considered Jewish even though they likely will not like the Jewish people and the Jewish religion which you end up seeing in both genders. The women because it doesn't fit their mothers feminism as much as other religions do. And the men because their father isn't Jewish.

But this is the history of it. It was to APPEASE A FOREIGN KING.

Again, the problem of Matralineal lineage surfaces again.

A woman pushing this that doesn't believe in free speech for Jewish men (as she snitched to Facebook because I said what she didn't want to hear and what she "believes in" which to her is everything as she is very egocentric as what her heart wants means everything)  actually belongs to a Church (which OK but then don't think you can tell Jewish  people what to do and claim you are Jewish)  but uses that some woman of hers was Jewish to push her own agendas and push Matralineal lineage!!! Could you believe that. She herself doesn't even practice Judaism uses the Rabbis (and their claim of Matralineal lineage which is not biblical nor does the DNA support this when studying Europeon Jews) to force Christianity on them and then wants to claim Matralineal lineage is good because each side makes an "equal contribution" which that isn't even the issue and is purely the religion of feminism and envy of men and she herself shows why it is unnatural and dangerous.She uses Nehemiah Gordon as well when this suits her agenda to claim J was the first Karaite even though she hates Karaite Jews because they don't believe in Jesus. She also thinks Issac was the first Jew because of the fact that Sarah give birth when she was old bases it on this miracle birth theory which is a Christian claim to Jesus but that isn't how the Jewish bible works to base something on a miracle. So everything to her is based on being brought up as a Christian. She just hides behind Jewish men that she overall doesn't agree with which is just disgusting and what Jew haters do. Just as those who hate Israel hide behind a Jew who is against Israel even though they despise this person in every way regardless.

 This is what usually happens in these situations as Christianity appeals to feminism more then the Rabbis do (as Jesus believed one who even looks at a woman is committing adultery and blaming it 100% on the man regardless of a woman trying to get a man's attention) which is what their mother taught as they marry a man from another culture and don't respect it which their daughters learn to disrespect other cultures from their own creepy anti-biblical mother which this woman is dong. She even uses the creep Nemehiah Gordon even though she doesn't believe in the Karaites view of Patralineal lineage but uses him to try to make herself legit (believing that Jesus was a Karaite) to tell Jews who believe in their God what to do.  She even believes the holocaust should have happened because Jews didn't move to Israel or could be as she said when I posted my previous post on this and how I disagree with that position.

So this is what Matralineal lineage is creating. Women who practice other religions and a few of them just hide behind men just to push their own agenda as this women hides behind Rabbis and Nehemia Gordon for various reasons but when it doesn't suit her agenda she ignores them and thinks she is Jewish and have the right to dictate to Jews what to do.

Nehemiah Gordon is attracting women who want to harm Jewish men.

Update: This same person by the way started to somehow claim the Jews deserved a holocaust because they didn't move to Israel because some maybe could. Which how could anyone who cares about the Jewish people say that. She sounds like an open bigot that Jews can't live anywhere if they are in exile for whatever reason.

Update 2: Also wanted to say this woman copies the while male (who like to kiss up to women and minorities for his personal gain)  NG's playbook of anytime anyone criticizes them think it is inappropriate even if it is legit.
So both are bad.

It is funny to me how Nehemia Gordon is attracting Christian women who don't even believe in the Bibles idea of Patralineal lineage. And then they go on forums claiming THEY BELIEVE in Matralineal lineage. They aren't even Jewish. And then if you criticize the women they snitch to Facebook. They hate Jewish men with all their heart and soul. Just like Pharoh who just wanted to kill Jewish males.  Why does it matter to them who is Jewish if they aren't Jewish? Rabbis at least most of them have sense not to do this. Obviously I think they want to undermine Jewish men through this rule They don't believe Jewish men have any rights to their own opinions. They hate God with all their heart and soul to have that attitude. Who are they? They take the same approach to God's torah. They pick what THEY BELIEVE. God answers to them not the other way around and anyone who doesn't agree with them including God should just shut up as they will only post what suits their agenda. This is just terrible.

They are open Christian Anti-Semites. NG like other male religious leaders like to hide behind women and doesn't realize they danger he is putting everyone including himself by the way as some of these Jewish men with all their heart and just see them as pawns for their own selfish agenda. They openly hate everything the bible says and only use it for their own selfish purpose.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

840,000 children in Israel go to bed hungry according to Meir Panim

Our of 2 million. Is this true or just numbers based on using a faulty method to come up with it so we can give to their organization. If it is true that is very disturbing and as that would be almost 41% of the total child population. To be honest, I have trouble believing this is true but maybe if it is. Could someone inform  me on this. Yes, some do suffer hunger but to this extent. What sickens me also is this group talking about WIPING OUT ALL HUNGER which the bible says some will be struggling and may need help.. How about getting this to a much smaller percent. To want to go from 41% to 0% is not realistic or a group that shows true concern about trying to solve this problem but just demanding money. Shouldn't we have the right that with this money they get this let us say lowered by 5% or something. It isn't going to go to zero.

 If it is true it shows an economy of have and have nots and maybe the Israeli economy like other hybrid economies that are sadly overall a little too socialistic and too government controlled that in the end hurt the private sector and only help a small number who have government jobs with bloated benefits. In stead of making a pledge "To end all hunger" which by uttering these words is not going to magically change this how about trying to analyze the causes. Is it children from broken families. is it too high taxation that leave less money to hire people for jobs, over regulation that gives those who are disadvantaged less of a chance discrimination towards men over women and arabs and other minorities. That would help more then just empty words. That is what I think. Many of the equality laws the true effect is just lowering men salaries that they can't afford to support a family as to promote equality you have to bring men wages down to those of women and minorities and not try to help them be able to provide through a job.

So does anyone about hunger in Israel. Does this sound right to you. 41%. 840,000 children out of 2 million. If it is true that is horrible and doesn't make Israel to be a good country with that many children hungry. Or is Meir Panim exaggerating these number to get contributions which if true is disgusting. At this point I am not too thrilled with this group as I think they themselves want people dependent on their services and really don't want people to be independent because then they can't go asking for money.

Annoyed about my sister and liking shows that bash men.

As her older brother it does offend me although I am not suprised since growing up my sister saw me not being treated very well. Although it is terrible since she knows her older brother is struggling somewhat although I get work and have to work but don't get many vacations or benefits at this point. But I guess hiding behind women being victims is better for her own career which who knows what will be in health care and she is involved promoting many government products so if it wasn't for men paying a lot of taxes she wouldn't even have her job.

But anyway. She is only one of four friends that like the show mad men. According to Wikipedia it shows that most men in the 60's who got ahead weren't very moral but also for a woman to get ahead they have to be pretty. Which it is sad for women to be using their looks to get ahead in the job world which their looks are going to fade anyway and just for a job. It is is pathetic. Women used to look good to try to attract a good man to get married to now they do it for some job. The benefits for this are much less then getting married and having a family of your own.

But this is my family. My mother use to watch sex and the city with my sister and while I struggle they don't care because some other men out there makes more money then my sister. Envy at its very worst to the point that your own flesh and blood doesn't matter to you. My sister always seems to want to believe horrible things about ALL MEN and it is terrible. She is fairly attractive but what man isn't going to see her attitude which is one of those things that men are going to run and see she isn't suitable as a wife. Any decent man would draw that conclusion. Only some kind of low level man would just care about my sisters looks but not care about her attitude since the emotional part of a relationship (which is the most important part for true love between a man and a woman) doesn't matter to him because he would just see a woman as to fulfill his sexual pleasures.

It is not even normal. And then acting like other women you work with are my girls. I don't know what to say anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

Last week was Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Remembrance day)

6 milllion men, women, and children were murdered and 30 million others also died during the war some murdered and some in WWII.

The question of course is why would God let it happen? Some would say God is not omnipotenet. That is the Michael Savage view. Others have their own pet reason. Jews didn't move to Israel (Kahanist position and Melech's Position who is a Karaite). The problem with that is it doesn't seem like a loving God would let children die becaue their parents didn't want to move to Israel and on top of that God promises us that we will gather us from the 4 corners of the earth when we turn back to him. Deutoronomy 30:2-4. And you and your children heed his command with all your heart and soul just as I enjoin upon you on  this day 3. then the Lord your God will bring back your captivity which God has scattered you. 4. Even if your outcasts are at the end of the world from there the Lord your God will gather you and from there he will take you.

So clearly we do need some of God's help although God through natural events help us gather there but our first goal is to FOLLOW GOD and then God will help us not the other way around. Yes we can't do it perfectly outside of Israel but God just wants us to be sincere in doing what we can with all our heart and all our soul 30:2.  But to just focus on moving to Israel when not following the torah with all you heart and soul God would not be impressed from reading scripture it seems to me.

And this idea it just happened doesn't work because this is the same God that took the Israelites out of Egypt so how could God let them just be murdered like this if we truly are the one's God created a contract that can never be broken.

The bible both on Leviticus Chapter 25 and Deutoronomy 28 do promise curses if we do not follow God and that God will treat us the same way we treat him since we ignore God, God will ignore us. But still. God lets worse people kill us. A nation that shows no respect to the elderly or mercy to the young (28:50) Which sadly did happen. Why let a more evil nation do this?

What kind of God is this?? But further God gives what happens if we truly follow the torah. And God says that if we truly follow the laws God made that other nation will revere us 28:10 and of course 28:47 because you did not serve God your lord in you and gladness over the abundance of everything. Of course some distort this into being happy go lucky and sort of fake happiness. But I think the passage is suggesting that the ways of God are pleasant and beautiful that gives a sense of purpose and fairness that would attract others to our way of live and bring a blessing to God and the ways of God. However, when it doesn't really follow the laws and give lip service and make up our own laws we make God look bad and others conclude that God is bad and crazy and then turn to other ideas which in the end of course have their own problems.

So being part of this contract that God gave is a big responsibility. And properly following the way of God would have a big impact on society and the world. And by Jews not following this they are at the end embarrassing God to which God has to avenge this. And God does show by letting other nations do cruel thinks to us and to children as well sadly who don't deserve it. I guess the only reason God would let this happen is in my view if that we ourselves didn't care about the needs of "other children" which by following the torah it does protect the most vulnerable and dependent in society which are children. That is what  I have to say on this topic.

The wise son and the wicked son.

I have another post about the wicked son and labeling children as good or evil which it is a little too early to know IMO. But anyway.

This question was mentioned at the Seder of my relative. Why the wise and wicked son. Why not the righteous and wicked son.

So what is the answer? Sad to say but that is the mentality of Rabbinic Judaism. To try to be "smart". Sadly though being "smart" doesn't mean being moral and righteous. A person can be smart and his use intelligence (and there are different types of intelligence)  in a bad way. But being smart does not make you a "righteous person" any more then being dumb makes you an evil person.

I see this mentality sadly among some Religious Jews that follow Rabbis that their claim is how "smart" the Rabbi is. But that doesn't make him a moral person in addition to other problems with this kind of focus.

Tax season is over. Yay. Now what.

Tuesday was the due date for taxes and the week before I had worked 82 hours. Now it is over and this week get some needed rest. Now I can blog again, too. Yay!!! I'm back blogging too.

The question is now what?? The two jobs I may have some part time work but not full time. Got some good experience but it is tough market still. At least I will have time to blog on the weekends now about what is on my mind.

Anyone with suggestions or whatever. I have to go back and start sending resume's again. Have been thinking of making Aliyah as well. That will be mentioned in another post.

Anyway hello to everyone who reads my blog and happy to be back blogging and expressing some of my own experiences and would love if anyone can comment on anything that I write that they feel adds to the post or something I didn't see.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Passover to everyone!

At sundown tonight is the first night of Passover. The day is the same this year for both Rabbinic and Karaite Jews who base it on the real date of the new moon while the Rabbi manipulate the calender so Passover never starts on Friday. Image from

At this point I try to follow the five books of Moses and have done this through being a social person as being one man like anyone else I have some biases and conflicts of interest like anyone else but when people mention to me similar idea's or criticism of either Rabbinic or Karaite male religious leaders idea's in a certain area based on how it doesn't make sense from what the bible says then this helps me on my journey. Sadly both groups in many ways don't care much for the man that isn't in religion for a career and the torah really did give some rights to men in general and in both cases I don't think it is men who have picked these men to lead them in any way.

Anyway, both tomorrow and Friday are days we are not suppose to do work. In addition any grain that can leaven and become bread can't be eaten in that form. Beans that can't become bread can be eaten at least according to Sephardic Jews. It sounds they are correct in this regard from studies of beans.

The reasoning for this as God does not need us to suffer just to suffer and this is false piety in general to just suffer just for the sake of suffering is that God took us out of Egypt on his timetable and we didn't even have time to make bread as we had to leave in haste.  In our situation it wasn't a rebellion as we were completely saved by God. This also establishing our relationship with God due to the fact we all our existence 100% towards God as if God didn't take us out we would not be here today and we did nothing on our own to get out of Egypt. And as well in order for us to have God on our side we have to follow what God wants.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The black and white twins turn 7.

Very interesting. They are twins. One has blond hair and light skin the other very dark skin. This is owing to the fact that both parents have black fathers and white mothers. They were born a minute apart. It is interesting as I admit don't know how the genes of skin color work and it is possible for two siblings to be of very different skin color as is the case here. In fact in some countries they would snatch a child from a home like this because it doesn't fit their own racist views.

It certainly opened up my eyes to read this article. I pray that neither of these children are made to feel like outcasts because of them being twins having different skin colors. They belong to the same parents. In fact both parents had fathers that were considered African American by their skin color for good or for bad.
Sadly in some cultures just because you look too different you are considered an outcast even though other may have also married from other cultures but look superficially similar. Even if they marry a woman who respects the husbands culture and not trying to undermine it with a clueless man  but if they look too different well that is too bad.

Here is the photo from this article and here is the link from the dailymail.