Sunday, March 18, 2012

What would you consider "work" on Shabbos?

Question for people reading this. What would you consider work. Many Jews have gone overboard in this area  (both the Rabbinic and Karaite sects) because it is very easy to make strict laws in this area as it won't offend anyone but just denying yourself is really a false type of piety in my humble opinion. Rabbinic Jews prohibit turning on a light switch and Karaites even claim you can't even have a light set "before" the Shabbos.

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Making such strict rules of course mean they have to make some leniencies and of course the middle class get screwed!!  As the very top and very bottom get exemptions. It is religious communism thinking about it and it has nothing to do with Obama or any other big government politician, LOL.  Rabbis make various leniencies for certain prominent professions like a politician and a doctor or even (which is very much against the bible) have a non-Jew do it and those who are sadly handicapped which they would need certain things. The Rabbis claim Malacha was based on the work in the temple but even that we don't know today with the fact that certain things today that once were "work" no longer are and that seems strange anyway that you have to define what "work" is in this way. Only people who don't really work for a living need some sort of "revelation" of what work is. As someone now who does work it is obvious to me what is work and what isn't work although as one man obviously I have some limitations but to fill those limitations I would speak to other men who really work and provide a service.

The issue is it is not hard to figure out what "work" is. It should be activity that someone would get paid for. That being the case turning on a light switch is not "work". Reading a book on an e-reader is not "work" as you wouldn't pay someone to turn a switch on or tap an e-reader. This issue is especially now coming to a head when so much is becoming electronic. Before advances of technology making a fire was "work" and people would pay someone to do that sometimes. No one PAYS SOMEONE TO TURN A LIGHT SWITCH ON NOR IS IT TIRING TO DO. Most people of other faiths have mentioned that to me too and I agree. So how can it be considered "work". Sadly I think this overly strict behavior was to deflect from other area's that the torah is very strict on but are more politically incorrect and could offend certain of our own people and also others. That includes the Karaites as well who many seem to think by turning off an air conditioner and sweating all Shabbos they someone are holier then everyone else. But these same Karaites some try to pretend that the bible views men and women the same in all area's which of course is not true and are both physically and snitch to others to try to ban a man's free speech about men who don't say what they want to hear which is just pure lawlessness but somehow being strict on the Shabbath and doing things that make no sense in any way make up for this.

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