Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What came of Esther and her children.

The story is not all lovely. Esther was taken by a foreign king who had foreign customs. She sacrificed for her own nation and people in having to be married to a foreign king

The questions becomes though would became of her children. A wife is suppose to be the helpmate of her husband and become part of the culture of the husband. The unblblical postion of Rabbis is that if a woman marries a non-Jewish then somehow different rules apply then the norm which shows a certain bigoted atitude towards other nations that is wrong and can't lead them to respect us (as she can disrespect a man simply because he isn't from the Jewish people and tell the children to disrespect the father ) since we don't respect them  Of  course here this wasn't exactly a normal marriage but in a case where a woman decides she would rather marry a non-jewish man because she doesn't like Jewish man or thinks they are all bums well then just like with a Jew she should adopt to this guys culture just as he would with a Jewish guy from a different background. Of course this wasn't a normal marriage but still. She agreed to save her own people which had some ramifications for her which weren't ideal as she would rather be the wife of a Jewish man.

In Achasverus (some consider the king then Xerxus but for the sake of the main issue of this post) he was indebted to Mordechai for discovering these plotters who wanted to assassinate him and that being the case would allow Esther to have her Uncle help raise the children in their culture as they would some male figure that they were close to held develop this identity although I don't think that happened.

Achasverus I don't think even though he was grateful to Mordechai became someone who is Jewish and his children would normally be suppose to take on for his role as the King of Persia or some other role for the Persian nation.

And for good or for bad Esther has to go along with her husband as the king. This of course is one reason the bible warns of that kings in general have unlimited power with limited checks on it and while he protected the Jewish people from Haman he had his own self interest that some of it had little to do with the Jewish people and their goals.

So it does make me wonder? I think I have read that their son became someone who had a mixed relationship with Jews.

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