Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy new year to all. Hope it is a good for all (including myself).

At this point in my life I search for truth wherever I can find it. Don't mind feedback as well as being one person searching for truth I have some bias like any human being. In this area I agree with the Karaites that the month in which Passover is celebrated is the first month of the new year because the Bible says so. It calls this the first month. In fact the bible never uses names for month. It is called the first month, the second month, etc. The name we use Nissan, Ayar, Sivan, actually were the names of the months used in Persia and Babylonia. These names were adopted sad to say because to use numbers for month would make it too obvious that the real new year is in the spring not the autumn. Pic from

Why did the Rabbis do this? Sad to say my view is they wanted to be like Christians in celebrating a new year and the only holiday that starts on the first day of the month is Yom Truah which that holiday is the first day of the 7th month. By having the "New Year" on this day of the 7th month  the so called "New Year" becomes a major holiday like it is with Christianity. The reality is there isn't that much as far as I know to the New Year in the Jewish Bible other then it being 2 weeks before the holiday of Matza known as Passover. Which is interesting that the real New Year is a time right before the Jews were redeemed from Egypt.

And the Rabbis didn't like the fact that there isn't a major holiday attached to the true new year so they switched the New Year to a legitimate holiday of blowing the Sofar but it is not the New Year and the bible never refers to it as such.

Anyway, I hope it is a good year for everyone including myself as at the present time while I work hard and try to pull my own weight I do very much need Gods help since by trying to search for truth it makes life ways hard as sadly in my religion of Judaism we have adopted many falsehoods in our own right as have other religions and to protect themselves they make any man that searches for truth as somehow not a real man. As real man don't use their mind and soul.

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