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The story of the Lemba in South Africa. Have Cohen and Semitic DNA.

This is very interesting. This from the Wikipedia article.

From the article.

(According to some Lemba, they had male ancestors who were Jews who left Judea about 2,500 years ago and settled in a place calledSenna, later migrating into East Africa.[8] According to the findings of British researcher Tudor Parfitt, the location of Senna was more than likely in Yemen, specifically, in the village of Sanāw within the easternmost portion of the Wadi Hadhramaut.[9] The city had a vibrant Jewish population since ancient times, but it dwindled to a few hundred people since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.[10]
According to their oral tradition, the male ancestors of the Lemba came to southeast Africa to obtain gold[7][11])

Interesting. Although having an "oral tradition" is not definitive proof in itself. How do you know that this is true just because you were told that. 

Continuing, (The Lemba prefer their children to marry other Lembas, with marriage to non-Lembas being discouraged. The restrictions on intermarriagewith non-Lemba make it particularly difficult for a male non-Lemba to become a member. A woman who marries a Lemba male must learn the Lemba religion, dietary rules and other customs. She may not bring any cooking equipment from her previous home, as it may have been tainted by inappropriate use (see Kashrut). Initially, she may have to shave her head. Her children must also be brought up as Lembas. Lemba men who marry non-Lemba women are expelled from the community unless the women agree to live according to Lemba traditions.Normative Judaism only recognizes matrilineal descent; however, patrilineal descent was the norm among the Israelites who lived prior to itsadoption.)

So this is why the Rabbis claim they are not Jewish even though the obvious is that Patralineal Lineage UNTIL THE MALE RABBIS CHANGED it. Of course the Rabbis use this to claim they have to go through a formal conversion even though they have been practicing similar practices that most Jews engage in. Which shows to me the real reason for this idea which was the only MEN that matter are the Rabbis and the father teaching his kid in following the laws given at Sinai doesn't matter. Also, wonder if the issue of cooking equipment becoming impure was if it came in contact with a non-kosher animal as the idea of meat and milk was an adoption later on by the Rabbis. And for the Rabbis to do this is wrong since they are obviously different then their neighbors around them and would fit in in Israel.

But the question still remains. Just because they claim they came from Jews doesn't mean they do. Maybe they converted which still is ok since they sincerely practice Judaism and have for generations. Oral tradition is not in itself a significant proof to their claim of being the decedents of Israelites. 

The article goes on about the DNA evidence. 

(The Lemba have become world famous because of genetic testing that has demonstrated the authenticity of some of their oral traditions.[18]A genetic study in 1996 suggested that more than 50% of the Lemba Y-chromosomes are Semitic in origin.[3] A subsequent study in 2000 reported more specifically that a substantial number of Lemba men carry a particular haplotype of the Y-chromosome known as theCohen modal haplotype (CMH), as well as, a haplogrup of Y-DNA Haplogroup J found amongst some Jews and in other populations across the Middle East.[19][20] Studies have also suggested that there is no Semitic female contribution to the Lemba gene pool.[21])
One particular sub-clan within the Lemba, the Buba clan, is considered by the Lemba to be their priestly clan, while among Jews, theKohanim are the priestly clan. The Buba clan carried most of the CMH found in the Lemba. This is the element in the Y chromosome that appears to be a signature element, if you like, for the Cohanim or Jewish priesthood. The fact that we found this marker in such high concentrations in one of the Lemba subclans, the Buba—much higher, incidentally, than the general Jewish population—seemed finally to provide a real, useable link between the Lemba and Jews.[10])  The )

So from DNA evidence they do trace back to "semitic" origins. My only question is do they mean from Israelites when using this term as arabs are also semites in that sense although the word is for good or for bad is misused. Not only that but some have the Cohen Gene. 

The issue here is that the Rabbis don't consider them Jews because their mother wasn't Jewish.

So what should the Lemba do?? You know what I think they should do. They should claim well Jews from Europe also have to go through conversion as Ashkanazic Jews also the DNA on the mother side is only a significant minority tracing back to the Middle East but the male line 80% traces to the Middle East as the Female traces back to Europe as many Ashkanazic Males when they were in Europe ended up marrying local women and the women did raise the children Jewish. So really Europe Jews are not Jewish by the mother either and don't have an unbroken chain of women who are Jewish not going very far back either as this traces back to their exile in Europe. 

Anyway any comments as I find this very interesting. 

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Happy new year to all. Hope it is a good for all (including myself).

At this point in my life I search for truth wherever I can find it. Don't mind feedback as well as being one person searching for truth I have some bias like any human being. In this area I agree with the Karaites that the month in which Passover is celebrated is the first month of the new year because the Bible says so. It calls this the first month. In fact the bible never uses names for month. It is called the first month, the second month, etc. The name we use Nissan, Ayar, Sivan, actually were the names of the months used in Persia and Babylonia. These names were adopted sad to say because to use numbers for month would make it too obvious that the real new year is in the spring not the autumn. Pic from

Why did the Rabbis do this? Sad to say my view is they wanted to be like Christians in celebrating a new year and the only holiday that starts on the first day of the month is Yom Truah which that holiday is the first day of the 7th month. By having the "New Year" on this day of the 7th month  the so called "New Year" becomes a major holiday like it is with Christianity. The reality is there isn't that much as far as I know to the New Year in the Jewish Bible other then it being 2 weeks before the holiday of Matza known as Passover. Which is interesting that the real New Year is a time right before the Jews were redeemed from Egypt.

And the Rabbis didn't like the fact that there isn't a major holiday attached to the true new year so they switched the New Year to a legitimate holiday of blowing the Sofar but it is not the New Year and the bible never refers to it as such.

Anyway, I hope it is a good year for everyone including myself as at the present time while I work hard and try to pull my own weight I do very much need Gods help since by trying to search for truth it makes life ways hard as sadly in my religion of Judaism we have adopted many falsehoods in our own right as have other religions and to protect themselves they make any man that searches for truth as somehow not a real man. As real man don't use their mind and soul.

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What would you consider "work" on Shabbos?

Question for people reading this. What would you consider work. Many Jews have gone overboard in this area  (both the Rabbinic and Karaite sects) because it is very easy to make strict laws in this area as it won't offend anyone but just denying yourself is really a false type of piety in my humble opinion. Rabbinic Jews prohibit turning on a light switch and Karaites even claim you can't even have a light set "before" the Shabbos.

Photo from

Making such strict rules of course mean they have to make some leniencies and of course the middle class get screwed!!  As the very top and very bottom get exemptions. It is religious communism thinking about it and it has nothing to do with Obama or any other big government politician, LOL.  Rabbis make various leniencies for certain prominent professions like a politician and a doctor or even (which is very much against the bible) have a non-Jew do it and those who are sadly handicapped which they would need certain things. The Rabbis claim Malacha was based on the work in the temple but even that we don't know today with the fact that certain things today that once were "work" no longer are and that seems strange anyway that you have to define what "work" is in this way. Only people who don't really work for a living need some sort of "revelation" of what work is. As someone now who does work it is obvious to me what is work and what isn't work although as one man obviously I have some limitations but to fill those limitations I would speak to other men who really work and provide a service.

The issue is it is not hard to figure out what "work" is. It should be activity that someone would get paid for. That being the case turning on a light switch is not "work". Reading a book on an e-reader is not "work" as you wouldn't pay someone to turn a switch on or tap an e-reader. This issue is especially now coming to a head when so much is becoming electronic. Before advances of technology making a fire was "work" and people would pay someone to do that sometimes. No one PAYS SOMEONE TO TURN A LIGHT SWITCH ON NOR IS IT TIRING TO DO. Most people of other faiths have mentioned that to me too and I agree. So how can it be considered "work". Sadly I think this overly strict behavior was to deflect from other area's that the torah is very strict on but are more politically incorrect and could offend certain of our own people and also others. That includes the Karaites as well who many seem to think by turning off an air conditioner and sweating all Shabbos they someone are holier then everyone else. But these same Karaites some try to pretend that the bible views men and women the same in all area's which of course is not true and are both physically and snitch to others to try to ban a man's free speech about men who don't say what they want to hear which is just pure lawlessness but somehow being strict on the Shabbath and doing things that make no sense in any way make up for this.

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5 more weeks to go of almost nonstop work.

As tax work is sadly very unevenly distributed. As IRS makes it hard to only work 6 days and get 1 day of rest. That is what big government leads to sadly.

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What came of Esther and her children.

The story is not all lovely. Esther was taken by a foreign king who had foreign customs. She sacrificed for her own nation and people in having to be married to a foreign king

The questions becomes though would became of her children. A wife is suppose to be the helpmate of her husband and become part of the culture of the husband. The unblblical postion of Rabbis is that if a woman marries a non-Jewish then somehow different rules apply then the norm which shows a certain bigoted atitude towards other nations that is wrong and can't lead them to respect us (as she can disrespect a man simply because he isn't from the Jewish people and tell the children to disrespect the father ) since we don't respect them  Of  course here this wasn't exactly a normal marriage but in a case where a woman decides she would rather marry a non-jewish man because she doesn't like Jewish man or thinks they are all bums well then just like with a Jew she should adopt to this guys culture just as he would with a Jewish guy from a different background. Of course this wasn't a normal marriage but still. She agreed to save her own people which had some ramifications for her which weren't ideal as she would rather be the wife of a Jewish man.

In Achasverus (some consider the king then Xerxus but for the sake of the main issue of this post) he was indebted to Mordechai for discovering these plotters who wanted to assassinate him and that being the case would allow Esther to have her Uncle help raise the children in their culture as they would some male figure that they were close to held develop this identity although I don't think that happened.

Achasverus I don't think even though he was grateful to Mordechai became someone who is Jewish and his children would normally be suppose to take on for his role as the King of Persia or some other role for the Persian nation.

And for good or for bad Esther has to go along with her husband as the king. This of course is one reason the bible warns of that kings in general have unlimited power with limited checks on it and while he protected the Jewish people from Haman he had his own self interest that some of it had little to do with the Jewish people and their goals.

So it does make me wonder? I think I have read that their son became someone who had a mixed relationship with Jews.

Happy Purim. A post on Purim and what may or may not be true of the holiday.

    • Ilan Bergman 
      Well I subscribe to Jacob Hoschanders "The Book Of Esther In The Light Of History" based on known Persian history of the time. So I would say that its a true story, giving only skeleton details about events occuring and that its really missing a lot of intrigue that Hoschander fills in thru his study of the records. Its still published by the LuLu press I believe.

      Archaeology shows that the author of the Megillah was familiar with the layout of Shushan the Capital as it was in the time of Artaxeres ll. Their is a lot going on during the era of the Purim story between Persia and other nations and the book needs to be read with the notes to fully understand Hoschanders view of events.

      Some things Hoschander reveals

      1. It was Artaxerxes ll, or in Hebrew, ארתחששתא השני not Ahashverous who was the king at that time.

      2. Darius the Second his father in a letter noted that Arty did not possess the "Persian virtue of drinking great amounts of wine without becoming intoxicated." So when when it says "On the Seventh day when the kings heart was merry with wine, we might deduce that a true blue Persian might have taken twice that time to get roaring drunk.

      3. That Vashtis real name was Stateira, and along with nicknames given her and thru scribal translations from Persian to Hebrew it became Vashti.

      4. Vashti may have been degraded from rank as queen but still was the kings consort. She may also have been assasinated for other purposes.

      5. Haman was not a descendant of the Amalekian King, but a person from the Northern province of Medina. That scribal errors made it seem as though he might have been related to Agag but it is only a Rabbinic supposition that Agag had relations with a woman the night before Samuel hacked him to pieces, in order to show how the bloodline continued.

      6. Zorastrianism is also a big factor in Hamans enmity, apparently there was big reform going on where it was becoming Anthropomorphic and Idolatrous statues, never heard of in the religon were becoming the norm, and this may relate to the Rabbinic commentary that Haman refused to bow to Haman because of an idol he wore around his neck, among other things.
  • Fran Drescher makes Jews look bad.

    Isn't that great. Fran Drescher plays in a show called happily divorced? That really makes Jews look good. NOT!!

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    Good book I read a while book "The Rule of Lawyers".

    Haven't posted in about 2 weeks (been very busy)  so I thought would share a book I read a while back that was very interesting. Talked about the OJ Simpson case, the war by lawyers against OBYNS, some of these lawsuit on cars, breast implant, and the lawsuits on tobacco.   It was a book on the abuses of lawyers and what giving lawyers such power can do. The cases that are discussed are interesting although terrible that justice in of the cases discussed here did not prevail despite some thinking that the lawyers are "for the little guy". Nothing could be further from the truth.