Sunday, February 12, 2012

63 days to go!! Working for an Egyptain and Greek company this tax season.

Yes I am!! This is my 2nd year now working for this company owned by an Egyptian Muslim and the other place everyone is Greek except me and it is an area in Queens with a lot of Greeks.

Both keeping my very busy with work!! Had to work today.

63 days  till April 17th!!!

I don't know what to think that I am working with other groups but Jewish people not interested in  hiring me. To be fair these 2 places may also not hire men of their own type if they think they don't think  like they do in many ways.

Although there is another possible position I may be able to do by going on to MY PC. Spoke to them in November and said to give them a call during tax season and yeah it is already Mid-February and haven't called them but maybe give it a try as to do it from home during the crunch time of tax season is great. My layout is a little more ergonomic then what it is in these two places I work.

Anyway have a good week everyone. It is cold out there tonight in NJ. :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wish everyone a good week. Haven't blogged for a week as have been very busy with two jobs.

Now that tax season is around. Although think just sticking with one job after this week which hopefully will at least last till April 15th and am back at a place I worked at last year which to work in one place for two years is something good on your resume. Also I haven't written back I have just been busy and am a little exhausted.

I wish everyone a good week. :)