Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A video of a Modern Orthodox girl bragging about not touching boys.

Which if a woman is impure as discussed in Leviticus she shouldn’t touch girls either. So this is a real twisted way of applying this idea. You see some of the other video’s and It is girl that doesn’t seem to care much for guys for whatever reason as she likes just having a good time with other girls.  And you would hope this wouldn’t attract more of this type of women that actually like this because they don’t like guys  and are attracted to the religion because they see women that don’t like men which is their kind of woman.  

Yet you have those that always are complaing about the so called ultra Orthodox and from what I have noticed if you really look into in the extreme positions regarding dealing with the opposite gender from what I see have nothing to do with taking religion too far but more to do with disliking men.  

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