Monday, January 30, 2012

Man talks about the removal of Father and Son in the Christian Bible

This was done it seems to appease Muslims from what I have read. Not sure if that is the true reason but that is what I have read. I will say I don't like this kind of terminology and as a Jewish person don't think it is truly biblical as in some ways the Christian Bible contradicts the Jewish Bible and does violate the idea of God being one which Moses says to Israel "Hear O Israel the Lord you God is One" in Deutoronomy although I don't see the point of CENSORING IT. It says what it says.

The problem is God is not a man and to turn God into the father and son is demoting God and is bad for gender relations because God created both man and woman in the image of God. I see some who want to replace a father or a husband with this image of God as the father and son and I think it is very bad and making a mockery of God. In fact in the Five Books of Moses God is never considered the father except in one case in a poem at the end of Deutoronomy. In the Jewish prophets as well.

I just find it odd that with all the references to God as father the US is now in a culture where so many children don't have a father and yet many from single homes go to a church which they really do REPLACE GOD AND JESUS for their real father. And that is really bad.

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