Sunday, January 01, 2012

A North Korean Plea on what is gong on there.

I have the book The Aquariums of Pyongyang which discusses a man who had to live 10 years in a gulag and had to escape when he was worried he would be put back in. Very relevant with the passing of the vicious dictator Kim Jong Ill. He was lucky to escape into China and then South Korea.

He wrote a book on his own existence which really shows the horrors of communism which is the mode of government favored by dictators because in the name of "promoting equality for everyone regardless of skill and hard work" they can intrude into every aspect of your life. Every communist has been very evil and it isn't a coincidence. The end result over time is a destroyed country with the only type of equality is equally having nothing. The only people that may have something are the few on top. But anyway this is the plea of Kang Chol Hwan at the end of his book as some want to unify with the dictator Kim Jong Ill (now Kim Jong Un). Reaad this. It is so heartrenching what happens in a dictatorship when people are starving for basic food.

"Reunification is inevitable, but it can only take place once Pyongyang has stopped crucifying the population under its control. How can we stand by while troops of orphans cross the Yalu and Tumen rivers seeking refuge in China? How can we stand by while parents sell their daughters for something to eat? I don't want to see any more skeletal children with wide frightened eyes. I don't want any more children sent to the camps and their mother forced to divorce their fathers. I want their grandfathers to be around to tell them stories- and their giggles on the banks of the Daedong never to be interrupted by the arrival of bureaucrats from the Security Force. "

I have another post which has their funeral which seems they have to cry or else be put in a gulag. Just the way they are crying seems not from the heart.

And on children begging for food.

Some are suffering the way Jews did during the holocaust and some even worse.

It is sad the West can't do much as sadly in the West the military is run much of it based on socialism and social engineering more so then countries the China which protects North Korea.

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