Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Myth Of The Chosen People Video. Very disturbing replacment theology

This video by this Brother Nathaniel I am posting because it gives an insight into how people who want to ignore part of the Jewish Bible (which they wrong call "The Old Testiment) will use part of our bible. It is relevant becaue this isn't even limited to Christians. Somone there rightly posts the serious nature of replacement theology see the top comment on this video. His repsonse and his views are quite telling. He doesn't claim the New Chosen are Christians. No!! To him this is pointing to the "Church". The men of the Church replace the Jewish people. And then he goes on it is not the synogague. Actually the Jewish idea's belong to the Jewish people and not exclusively to Rabbis.

But this kind of idea exists among Jews as well espcially Rabbis. They also believe that the synogague and they the Rabbis replace Jewish men.  The fact that the torah counted all men over 20 to the Rabbis today all that matters is what they think. And their view of Jewish women as well that they belong to the Rabbis and the synogague. So we ourselves have used this similar of bigotry. As this whole idea really never came from the bible but was a power grab by the church and gave no rights to Jews but as well basically saying the average Christan is nothing either. Same with Rabbis. It isn't based on the bible but them wanted to increase their own power for their own selfish reasons. I have seen women who have a ring from the Church as if they are married to the man in the church but similar stuff I see with Jewish women who are basically in the way they act basically married to the Rabbi.

But this mentality people must realize is based on hatred to Jewish people as this video shows and completely ignoring what God really says.

It doesn't give any power to any group of people. Just to some religious institution as this video shows.

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