Monday, January 16, 2012

Moses marrying Zipporah.

  In last weeks bible reading Moses marries Zipporah the Midainite who her father gives her daughter to Moses as he invited Moses over after he helped them watered their flock to protect them from Shepards who chased them away.

  After God speaks to Moses that he will kill the first born of Egypt, God it seems threatened to kill Moses (Exodus 4:24) to which Tzippora does the circumcission of their son.  She wasn't even from this culture and  nation and yet clearly she deeply respected the culture to follow this law that was passed to all Israelites that they circumcize their sons which the reason it wasn't done earlier from what I learned is that it wasn't safe. Although didn't he have three sons. So what about the other two???

  It does make me question the reason I was taught that this was the situation and God felt now Moses should do it which is a very basic requirement to be part of the Israelite nation. You can't be if you are not circumcized. Also since God just spoke to Moses he should have been especially vigilant to do this at this time when God was showing his love for his people by promises Moses he would  save them. So it does leave a few question which does anyone have any other ideas they have heard?

  This is the 3rd major man that clearly married outside his own nation. Joseph and Judah being the others. In Judah's case two of the sons died Er and Onan and his life continued through sons he had through Tamar who was not Caananite in which that was who Judah married who also died young. All three of these men obviously had issues with their family and with their people.

  In fact both Moses and Joseph married daughters of Priests from foreign cultures. In both cases God seemed to approve of the marriage although in Judahs case these children did not end up continuing his line. There is a special concern with Caanites I think. Isn't there??? Need to look it up.

  Obviously these cases these men were somewhat seperated from their own family and if they waited from someone from their own culture they may have never become married and it seems in both Moses and Josephs case they showed respect for them as people which showed that the daughters would raise  the children in the husbands culture which was important.

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