Sunday, January 01, 2012

More on the very antisemitic, legalize prostitution Ron Paul

Here is more on the man that wants to legalize prostitution and drugs. I guess someone who would to legalize prostitution would hate Jews because the bible views this as a serious violation of a woman

 Here is some more about Ron Paul. His connection lead back to real Nazi’s. Was a big contributor to the Spotlight. As this article states Paul because of his hatred of Jews has warped everything about him. If this means destroying America because of his hatred and jealousies of Jews so be it. No wonder he has no problem with Iran even though they also hate Europe and America as well and Israel is only their “first” target.

Also Paul’s claim of being again all “foreign Aid” is false. I don’t agree with some positions of this group (including at times promoting racism towards African Americans which I think is disgusting let us be clear. In fact I was involved for a short time and was banned from them about 5 years ago) but this video does suggest Paul has no issue with Foreign Aid to the enemies of Israel. Only Israel does Paul have a problem.  I mostly agree that Israel should not be overly dependent on others but Paul’s intention is clearly to destroy Israel the only Jewish state in the world.  As he did vote no to cut off aid to Muslim groups  and one of only six congressmen to do so.

Hypocrite Ron Paul Supports U.S. Foreign Aid For Muslim Terrorists

Also, it is interesting Paul and his holdings. He has almost nothing in regular stock of US companies.  Why? I think Paul doesn’t care much for companies as his hatred would lead to the destruction of the American economy and in his own twisted mind having mostly Gold would save him.  His few stocks are bets against American companies.  Any normal person would invest in company stocks.  

I will admit that I myself bought not that long ago bought into this whole gold theory but from listening to enough financial shows and using common sense it is absurd. If the whole economy goes bad having gold I don’t think is going to save you. Better I guess to have a gun and be able to defend yourself. And maybe some beer. I don’t know. LOL.

So anyway I really hope Paul is defeating very strongly in Iowa on Tuesday. How much this reflects the view of voters in general not sure as it guess this can be manipulated somewhat as people who work for a living can't be bussed to Iowa or something.


Anonymous said...

Adam, there is often no obvious connection between your premises and the conclusions you draw from them. e.g.
Paul wants to legalise prostitution
Bible says prostitution is wrong.
Therefore Paul hates Jews.
Did you know prostitution is legal in New Zealand? Does that prove that New Zealanders hate Jews?

Analytical Adam said...

Paul does hate Jews and there is much, much evidence to support this including the link here I posted. As to why, there are likely many reason including the fact that Paul wants a country that allows to engage in just satisfying their most base desires and don't care who that hurts.

In my own experience those who just want to hit on women without any concern of the consequences as they claim they cana't afford another child with their own wife, and I think it isn't a stretch to say these kind of men want prostitution legal don't like Jews and what the bible have to say. I think that is a true statement and I have experienced it.

You argument about New Zealand is not a good argument because I am sure many don't agree with this law even though it is legal.

However, I do think as countries become more hedonistic they do tend to hate Jews more in general. I do see that. Not because Jews are so great but because they do see Jews and their bible as the bigget criticism of this. As counties become mmore immoral there is more hatred towards religious minority which especially includes Jews more then anyone which they claim of course their is a big conspiracy of Jews controling everything when in reality it is just that nations have adopted some views of the Jewish bible but it had nothing to do with Jews.