Sunday, January 01, 2012

More on my feelings on Evolution. The first couple of Adam and Eve

The first relationship, Adam and Eve. Hmmm. Must have been interesting.

Anyway gong through some of my thoughts here. Anyone who would like to jump in feel free to comment. Sometimes ignorance is bliss but I have read and though a lot about this topic and read the other side which is very persuasive as a thinking person that doesn't automatically reject a different position.

It is sad that some feel that this position is anti-intellectual and anti-science. Some say well the earth is xyz years old. Actually the bible does not mention how old the earth is. It just doesn't make sense that all the complex organs in the body could have evolved. That would be like saying a computer evolved through different stages which we know is not true. If you take one part out of the computer it doesn't work at all.  And to compare two different computers. They didn't evolve. That is what many scientists have found. That the eye is different and the embyo's are different to give two examples and they didn't evolve.  And then you have the story of Adam and Eve which would not suggest at all the story of evolution and that part is usually ignored completely as this story is in my ways very politically incorrect.

    However, no matter how you slice it when a man takes on his role and does work hard to provide and the wife if there to help him fulfill his role there is something very attractive about it when you see a man working hard and a woman "helping" with a guy who is taking responsibility. Even if two people are working in a store and aren't married. And when people try  to change nature it doesn't have the same attraction and people don't feel happy and one way you see it as if they are married they don't others to be married and the reason because they are unhappy but they will search for happiness in any way other then what God said and that will never work.

  Sometimes ignorance is bliss. But from everything every read both in terms of science and math and scientists who have pointed out problems they found from studying animals that did not agree with what evolution claims and the impossibility of anything advanced that could come from natural selection. And on the emotional side as well that the way God describes man and woman and their nature clearly is from God and not man. I see those who try to get away from their nature but it never works. I see woman that are just the helpmate of other men if they are not not married and they get far less benefits and security from this.

   So could anyone tell me why some try to claim you can have both. If there was evolution how come the body is developed is such a sophisticated way that this could not have developed slowly any more then a computer. And the story of Adam and Eve clearly would be false in all regards and most of all a woman's reproductive system how could that have evolved. It also is very complex and could not have evolved. But without it there is no second genaration of anything.

   The only thing you could say is that part of the story of Adam and Eve men made the story this way to promote some sort of Patriarchy. But it is amazing that at least the hebrew Bible is very similar no matter where it came from. But you know what. If men really wanted to make up their own religion why make a woman a helpmate and tell a man to leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. If it was made by man he would say just use the women for your own pleasure which actually the bible does not say.

  One question is the first generation would have to marry a brother or sister. The bible in general doesn't always mention female children but still. That is one question I don't have the answer to. Clearly Lot's daughters had an affair with their father because they thought the whole earth was destroyed and God blessed them that their children did form two nations. So be fruitful and multiply if there is no one else takes priority over the normal situation of not having a relationship with any close relative. I think going to hit Publish now.

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