Monday, January 30, 2012

Labeling clothes as "modest"

It is funny. On the site Domestic Felicity see the post dated a few days before this post today being Jan 30th
she is promoting a site called "Princess" Modesty Swimwear. Which a woman there commented that it seems the women who claim to be "modest" seem to be overly concerned on their own appearance.

Which is there anything wrote with that? No!! Absolutely not. We all have some vanity and that is the way we are as human beings. It is not really being "modest" though. This idea that not wearing a Bikini or a very low cut mini dress is "modest" when you want it to look as good just with parts of the body covered is just silly. In fact you may think it looks better which really isn't about modesty.

For women to walk around talking about their MODEST CLOTHING is about as immodest as you can be.

The reality is at a certain age women are going to be attractive and that is the way God created it and the issue is more how a woman behaves and uses her sexuality in the right way rather then hiding it or thinking because something is labelled "modest' this makes them modest. .

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