Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LA to crack down on sex trafficking.

It is sex trafficking awareness month and this is something that is a horrible crime when young girls are being taken advantage of by prostitutes which really is a despicable crime. Sadly this goes on in the USA and many don't care because many of these girls have no political clout being 11 and 12 years old.

Good for them. Pimps that prey on young girls from disturbed families should be made a slave themselves for endless generations for what they are doing. Same with family members who are assisted them in this knowing full well what is going on. If women develop STDs from prostitution that they can never have children and have other diseases from the prostitution and abuse these pimps should be forced to pay any of these women's bills for the rest of their lives to ruin their lives like this. If they have little or no money left well that is their problem. In this day and age that would be a good transfer of money. Just forcing them to pay would make sure they had no life of their own since they ruined these women's lives.

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