Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mrs. Anna of Domestic Felicity I feel has some friends that are just deflecting our problems and also see Jews as anti-social.

She likes the attention and to fair there is nothing wrong with that. We all like when people comment. She almost never posts about Jewish men other then Rabbis, (and doesn't seem to be interested neither she nor her husband about how men feel about various religious obligations the male Rabbis force on them) although for one of the first times recently she did post about her husbands ideas (his views on day care at such a young age) which I though was great. In some ways I  am not so thrilled with her husband but I can't criticize him since he is not a blogger so I have to criticize Mrs. Anna. In the past Mrs. Anna just likes to promote male Rabbis and their wisdom which to be fair overall at this point I don't feel this way especially regarding feminism and how they treat other men.

 Anyway, two types of people who post and support her may be dong for reasons that are not so great and Mrs. Anna should be aware of it and realize she is not really helping her own people by doing so.

1. Non-Jewish women who think that at the end of the day Judaism is more "anti-social" which is why they need Jesus so Mrs. Anna fits the stereotype that Christians want of Jews of being overly self centered and not caring too much about others. And the bad parts of Christianity she imitates

2.. Jewish women along with her that don't realize that feminism is a problem in their own religion of Rabbinic Judaism and many men (myself very much included. I'll be frank about it and some will attack for that which in itself shows the hatred) have complained and expressed concerns to which they are ignored or even attacked. The Rabbis need a "site' they could show others to show, well, feminism, is not a problem. Never mind the person who runs the site is not concerned about reaching out to men in any far reaching way and it is enough if her husband just reaches out to "neighbors" but ignores the rest of the world while she reaches out to a larger audience with her blog which in itself she is taking on the larger public role then her husband. This is a common tactic by those that have a problem. Rather then deal with it try to claim it isn't a problem using some website or group that upon closer review actually shows the problem is very much there. As she has little interest in reaching out to men which any true group being concerned about feminism would want to reach out to men.

I will admit at this that I have rejected Rabbinic Judaism because I study tanach and I see some of their positions are wrong and that there are groups the Karaites who point this out which someone mentioned on my blog and I didn't even know they still exist.

Here are two big issues that Rabbis have distorted.

1. Judaism does determine if you are a Jew by your father as every man in the bible is traced by the fatherly line. However, a man still has to be circumcised and not be raised to worship foreign and immoral gods.
The Rabbinic position of maternal lineage only cares about one thing. The mother. If the child goes to church for 30 years does not matter. The woman have problems with Jewish men since they never had a Jewish father it does not matter. I have seen first hand women that the Rabbis consider Jewish that no nothing of Judaism and in fact support all the stereotypes of Jews. Thank God the Israeli government understands this although the Rabbis do not as they do care if you practice Judaism.

2. The issue of female impurity. The Rabbis have twisted this idea to bash men. The fact is during this impurity that make females impure as well if a woman touches another woman. Also the Rabbis only feel women should keep this when married which means when unmarried they always have this impurity.
The Karaites some do try to keep this which does seem odd today but that the women do remain separate during this impurity and have another woman cook or even have a man cook. As to the why of this impurity I do think it is to remind a woman not to waste her ability to bear children and nurse. This also helps men to understand that a woman is not just for his pleasure as well. Of course sometimes it can't be done but at least this separation would cause us to try to help that as much as possible women do use their childbearing years properly.

Yet at the end of the day she cares for little for men and of course if men bring these issues up the Rabbis claim you dislike women. Which is why they support feminism as it is a way to silence other men and they use the secular world as well to hurt men who don't agree with them to try to shut them down and use some vague charge against them of sexism or racism. In fact I am seeing this on a debate board.

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